Share of Unofficial DietPi Image for Radxa Zero 3W

Hello everyone,

I’ve recently recook my DietPi image, which is a lightweight image similar to armbian (so pity armbian image is not available for this board :frowning_face:) and it’s good for a lot of DIY projects.
You could find more information from their website.
DietPi - Lightweight justice for your SBC!

The image could be found here.
Please note that the wifi currently not working with cold boot, so make sure you hook up the debug port and reboot it to try.

Another trial image of unofficial DietPi - Radxa Zero 3W - General Discussion - DietPi Community Forum

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“so pity armbian image is not available for this board”

Radxa Zero 3W/E support just got merged into the build repo of Armbian.



it’s nice to see it!!! :slight_smile: So more image is available for this board!

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