Share of Unofficial DietPi Image for Radxa Zero 3W

Hello everyone,

I’ve recently recook my DietPi image, which is a lightweight image similar to armbian (so pity armbian image is not available for this board :frowning_face:) and it’s good for a lot of DIY projects.
You could find more information from their website.
DietPi - Lightweight justice for your SBC!

The image could be found here.
Please note that the wifi currently not working with cold boot, so make sure you hook up the debug port and reboot it to try.

Another trial image of unofficial DietPi - Radxa Zero 3W - General Discussion - DietPi Community Forum

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“so pity armbian image is not available for this board”

Radxa Zero 3W/E support just got merged into the build repo of Armbian.



it’s nice to see it!!! :slight_smile: So more image is available for this board!

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Are there any good build instructions? Tried to setup the github actions but had no luck.

Welcome! SelfhostedPro!

In case you do not want to build it yourself, you can actually find the image under the automated build from armbian github.

the direct link to image is here

Should you want to build it by yourself, the instruction are set out at , just get into the and you are good to have fun! :wink:

Thanks! I’ll try those out :grin:

Just as a note, I’ve been working with the author of dietpi on getting images for radxa working (as well as automated armbian builds). That thread is here:

We’re having issues installing diet pi with the imager script so if anyone had used that and has input it’s appreciated.


Glad to learn that you are working with the author of Dietpi.
Hope there would be official image from DietPi real soon!

For your information, in addition to the unofficial Dietpi imager I’ve created under this thread based on B6 release by Radxa, I’ve also created an image with Armbian image. However, despite it had a different kernel version, the wifi missing in cold boot still exist for my board :frowning:

Do you have instructions on how you built the armbian version? The errors we were running into are for building that image.

em… I didn’t alter the script at all indeed and the script go on well without error.

If you are interested, please find the link to the image as below.

I’ve been using this image since early April and it is normal, except you would need to soft reboot to get the wifi working.

Ah, we’ve almost got an official one working from debootstrap which will hopefully solve your wifi issue.

thanks for the works and Michalng’s effort!

There’s now an official image: (control/command+f “radxa”)

direct links:
Bookworm: DietPi_RadxaZERO3-ARMv8-Bookworm.img.xz
Trixie: DietPi_RadxaZERO3-ARMv8-Trixie.img.xz
Bullseye: DietPi_RadxaZERO3-ARMv8-Bullseye.img.xz

Haven’t had any issues with wifi/cold starts/etc.

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