Seem to be missing several major parts of my Quad-Sata Pi4 kit

So- Got my order today, laid everything out to give it a look before I ran out to buy drives for it and it would seem that I’m missing several parts of my kit…

What I have-

  • QuadSata case
  • Heatsink Plate
  • Plexi Top Cover
  • 12v@5A US Power Supply
  • Quad SATA hat
  • Control Board w/ fan
  • 1x thin strip of foam
  • 2x metal plates. (flat plates with small 90 degree tabs. One has 2 rows of 4 holes, other has one row with 4 holes, a small square cut out with a hole on each side)
  • 1x Instruction Manual

What I KNOW I’m missing:

  • the little bag containing ALL of the assembly screws)
  • the DualUSB bridge
  • Whatever various interconnecting wires and cables I’m supposed to have.
  1. I’m seeing a 2x5 pin header on the hat and control board- I assume there’s a cable for that,
  2. then theres the 4x1 pin header that looks like its for drive power on the SATA hat…
  3. a small 3 pin header next to the power jack on the hat
  4. a small 2 pin header next to the 3 pin header
  5. I think the item listing on the ALLNETCHINA site mentioned a USB-C cable?
  • Is there supposed to be more foam? Looks like it in the picture inside the manual.

So… um… Whats the deal? Did half of my items just not make it into my package? Are the missing parts backordered? Has this happened to anyone else? Who do I contact? I tried sending an email to allnetchina a few days after I ordered it and I still haven’t gotten a response.

Huh. Thirty… eight? hours since my post and still no response. Little less for the email that I sent to shop_cn@allnetchina… The email I sent after I placed my order to inquire about the overall situation? …yeah, never got a response to that either, and that’s been weeks since.

I just added an email to support@radxa to my attempts to contact…

Given the state of the world and that it is the weekend… I’ll give it maybe a couple more days, but after that I will be beginning the chargeback process with my bank to have my funds returned to me since you have shipped me a non-functional product and have not responded to ANY of my contact attempts. Communicating goes a long way… even a response that my issue has been seen, or what support avenue I should be concentrating my efforts towards… I’m not sure ‘the weekend’ should play a factor on a support FORUM… but communicate such.

Seem issue when packageing bad luck :sleepy: may be @setq can help you :question:

No longer required because you have ‘12v@5A US Power Supply’ :grinning: I’ve ask same question fews days ago.

I’m sorry you are missing some parts, but that’s an issue between you as buyer and allnetchina as seller. So officially support@radxa nor this forum have anything to do with it. But I understand why you post here, hopefully radxa can informally do something.

FWIW I received the Quad STAT HAT with one of the SATA ports’ plastic broken, I emailed allnetchina and after a week I emailed a reminder and they did respond and have sent me a replacement. So it might take a bit of time they do respond.

@M.Pan I am sorry for your bad experience. We will push our distributor to solve your issue.

For the record- woke up in the morning following my last post to a few replies here and a couple email replies in my inbox. While I was driving to work I got the text notification for an Express DHL package. So… +1 for responsiveness.

This evening after work I made the 40 mile drive to pick up my package from DHL so I wouldn’t have to wait until Monday for them to deliver it. Tomorrow I’ll try to go pick up a couple drives to start with and maybe this weekend I can find some time to tinker.

Point being… I have at least some of my missing parts and was waiting to see what showed up before replying to this thread. I already have comments, but am choosing to hold on to them until I’ve had a chance to sit down with everything and actually do an assembly test. Assuming all needed parts are on hand I’ll comment again once I’ve successfully booted or run into an issue.