Scratched PCB and issues


This is my first post and I just want to convey that it will be fun to be part of this community.

Now to the issue at hand. I was installing the official Radxa fan ‘4012’. But because of lack of instructions and my own stupidity (ergo, manuals), I tried to detach the fan again and use the official case with passive cooling as I couldn’t observe a difference in temperature. And the fan made a noise similar to when a cord is in the way of the fan.

Using a tool, I slipped… Now we have the result in the picture.

I have made benchmarks since then, and it shows ~ 3000 on geekbench6, which is normal.

Just now it froze on Ubuntu22.04.04 (Joshua Riek). When I booted back up, it got stuck during login (on an nvme). Restarted again, and it’s just black, and makes a sound whilst blinking blue, on top of constant green.

I had to insert an SD card with image from Radxa v39 to get it to run. Then turned it off, and it booted on the nvme, but got stuck again.

I booted to the Radxa image again, and it fails to update SPI and system update via ‘rsetup’. I booted another Ubuntu on an SD card, and it booted up fine. And I am now writing this on the SD card.

How can I troubleshoot this? What commands are useful to try to understand the constant issues with this board? And could the above incident contribute to what just happened?

Please stop powering on this board before our hardware engineer check this, which will be after the Labor’s Day holiday on 7th, May.

Thank you for your prompt reply.