SATA QUAD HAT only connects with USB 2.0

Hello Together,

i run a RPI4 with 8 GB with the QUAD SATA HAT. Now i have the issue they only connected to 480 M (USB2).
I have done anything. Change the Complete Setup with new cables and an new Raspbian Installation.
Any Suggestion what i could do?

Hello. Can you find an A-A cable to connect them and test?

Hello Setq,

i have tried this.

Original White double. -> SATA HAT connect on USB 3.0 PORT but with USB 2.0 Speed
6 different Sets of A-A Cable -> SATA HAT dont connect on the USB 3.0 PORT dmesg says nothing
A USB 3.1 HAT -> SATA HAT dont connect.
A normal USB HUB -> SATA HAT connects but with 2.0 Speed.

I also tried with a fresh installation of Rasbian 32 Bit. Same Problems.

All other USB 3.0 Devices work on the USB 3.0 Port on the RPI.

an USB3 A-A cable will not connect on SATA HAT

thank you that was the Problem. But that it not connect is not true. It connects with USB 2.0 Speed.