Sata hat / case getting hot

so my concern is slowly rising.

My sata nas enclosure reaches about 65c when running. The fan goes to max speed but it doesn’t do much in the way of cooling. Trying to use it long term is just going to cause issues with failed drives and shorten the lifespan of the pi. (The enclosure gets warm to the touch as well).

Can someone help me? I’m running 4*2tb seagate barracuda drives. All brand new and tested individually.

Hello vithu_sel,

We found that setting the two fans in reverse reduced the temperature by about 10 degrees. You can try it.

Do i quite literally just unscrew the fan and flip it round or do I change something in firmware?

Unscrew the fan and flip it round. You need some other length screws, m2.5x12mm and m2.5x16mm.