SATA hat availability

Hi all,

I’ve seen that sata hat and kit are not available anymore…
Does anybody know if it would be available again ? And when ?


Hi gwark35,

Thank you for your attention. After the Spring Festival holiday, we will mass produce.

Any update on this? I am keen to get my hands on a second hat! Checking allnet china daily but not luck yet

I wouldn’t be surprised if there has been some coronavirus-related delays to production. I’m very interested in this device and would appreciate any updates. Seems that the allnet.china store has disabled the ability to input your email and recieve news regarding availability.

When will it be available again?

Hello nyirzoz,

We have provided some kits to the agent for the last two weeks and I don’t know if it’s sold out. But we’re about to start mass production, the following week.

Hello setq!

This is very good news! I couldn’t find a piece for sale anywhere anymore.


When will I be able to buy from distributors?

We are on the Labor Day holiday now. I think the distributor will start shipping this week.

It still can’t be bought. When?

I think our distributor is starting shipping now. The volume is climbing so it may not meet current high demand…

Hey just wondering if there is any update on availability? I’m in the UK and I’m really keen to get hold of a Quad unit.
Are there any UK sellers at all?

We have already delivered a batch of products to our distributor, but many people have ordered them before, so may be out of stock. We are still ramping up production.

The shop: allnetchina

so after 8 months where can i buy the SATA hat as allnetchina is still out of stock…?

Maybe you better buy something else with less problems?

  • Single drive interface USB3 <-> SATA for 3$
  • Dual drive with toaster like construction…