RPI4 no spin down for 1 of 2 Disks

Hey there,
I want to set up OMV 5 on a raspberry Pi4 using the quad sata hat.
I use 2x WD Blue HDD 500 Gb .
I dont have any shared folder configured in OMV yet.
So the main issue is, that one of two disks does not spin down. I dont need the disks to spin 24/7.
I have a fresh installation of Raspian lite, satahat software and OMV.
What i tried so far to make the disk spin down:

  • set up the APM_level to 64 and spin down time to 5 minutes in OMV-> one disk is still spinning
  • tried a different set of 2 HDD (WD Red 4Tb) -> again one of two does not spin down
  • updated the JMS561 firmware successfully without having OMV installed-> one disk is still spinning
  • used different Sata connections --> one disk is still spinning
  • sudo hdparm -C /dev/sd? says for both disks ‘standby’ --> one disk is still spinning
  • i can manually spin down the disk with: ‘sudo hdparm -y /dev/sda’

I also noticed when power off the system with both disks spin down, the same disks starts spin again.
befor I use the approach with ‘hdidle’,maybe someone can help me to make the disk spin down by OMV (hdparm) automatically.

Kind regards

You can try with this: https://github.com/lynix/hdd-spindown.sh

If you don’t want it to run as a service, then you can always use the bash script with cron to check every x minutes.

using similar instructions from how u update the JMS561 firmware, use the command below to set hardware spindown timer (in min)…

sudo ./JMS561FwUpdate -d /dev/sda -t 60