Rootfs on usb attached drive

Hello. I have a problem with moving root partition to another drive. I use dedicated ubuntu server image and boot from sdcard. It works fine. Now, I want to move the rootfs to another drive. So I clone the 5th partition to an ssd drive in usb3.0 enclosure (create partition, mkfs.ext4 and so on), and then change the extlinux.cfg append option to direct the kernel to proper partition.

Now, upon boot, it looks like it starts fine, and at some point the led on the enclosure blinks once. Then the system seems to hang - green led is on, and the red is in constant “heartbeat” mode.

Am I missing something? I used the same procedure with my RPis, and it worked fine. I don’t want to stick to sdcard only. Please help.

P.S. I tried to connect the drive with an external powered hub and nothing changes, so I think I ruled out possible undervoltage.

I think I got it. Armbian booted fine from sdcard + usb attached drive. Looks like I asked myself for trouble by using that distro.

It is the same. Go through whole topic.

Thanks for replying. I know I have to use the sd card for booting and wanted similar solution for myself. I see that - what I didn’t check - you enabled initrd.img and that made a difference. So it is more like of a kernel configuration issue, but Armbian is better in this regard. I just ditched bubuntu, and all is good.