[ROM][Android9.0][RockPI 4A/B] Android TV firmware released

Dear community

We are very happy to announce that we have released the Android 9 TV image.

Open Source: Portal
Let’s improve the rockpi android firmware together.

Image Installation guide.

U-Boot for spi flash beta bin (boot form M.2 nvme):

Write spi flash guide.
(Do not insert bootable tf card when spi boot, otherwise load u-boot on tf card.)

Magisk : Magisk Zip

Since this version has changed the default recovery to TWRP, a poll is conducted here:

  • I like TWRP Recovery.
  • I like Android Recovery.

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Version(1.0.0): RockPi-android9-20200522_1559 GPT RKUPDATE

  • Ctrl+Alt+Enter to open enter converts to dp-center.
  • The right mouse button is the BACK key.
  • TunerSettings add Network Adb Setting.
  • TvSettings Supprot mouse operation.
  • TWRP update to V3.3.1.0.
  • For compatibility, Close TF card sdr104 mode.
  • Rockchip SDK update to rk3399_pie_v9.10_20200417.xml.

Version: RockPi-android9-20200320_1734

  • Support Mraa in Android: Java API Reference
    1. Support AIO/GPIO/UART/I2C/PWM/SPI.
    2. Support Mraa Java Api, Package in aar format, you can use it in Android Studio.
    3. Support Mraa Tools: mraa-gpio/mraa-adc/mraa-uart/mraa-i2c/mraa-spi/mraa-pwm.

Version: RockPi-android9-20200304_1058

  • update sdk to rockchip rk3399_pie_v9.00_20191223.xml
  • update to android-9.0.0_r50
  • Configurable SU:
    TunerSettings -> System -> Root Access -enable-> APP SU Access.
    Enable SU that You can get su access in any app.
    If you need permission management, please swipe in Magisk.
    After swipe Magisk, this settings will be not work.
  • Supprot Raspberry Pi Camera V2.0 (imx219).
  • Ctrl+Alt+P to open power menu.
  • Fix factory reset not work in TWRP.
  • Fix first boot get more error in TWRP.
  • Enable TF card sdr104 mode.
  • Add a hard power button (16(High effective) pin in 40 pin).
    2 4 6 8 10 12 14 [16]…
    1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 …

Version: RockPi-android9-20191122_1120

  • update sdk to rockchip rk3399_pie_v8.00_20191005.xml
  • update to android-9.0.0_r48
  • default not close screen when time out
  • add 2560x1440p60 in resolution_white.xml
  • default recovery change to TWRP
    1. support auto mount usb disk.
    2. support back up system/data to usb disk.

Version: RockPi-android9-20190927_1744

  • support adj volume when mUseFixedVolume=true

Version: RockPi-android9-20190826_1824

  • Support Magisk.
  • Remove hdmi resolution filter.
  • Deleted two unused partitions (kernel, resource).


  • Fix USB3.0 switch not switching mode(device/host) in real time.
  • Fix kodi crash.
  • Fix leds-gpio configuration errors.
  • Close /data dm encrypt.

Rockchip Release Note

  • update to android-9.0.0_r42.


  • fix cec can out work.(Thanks for @lbdroidman’s test)
  • fix boot error when multiple boot media inserts.
  • support m.2 nvme auto mount(Not used as a boot medium).
  • support nvme boot through spi flash.

Version: RockPi-android9-20190704_2046

  • Add Androidterm(Terminal Emulator) apk.
  • Add AndroidMediaShell(not work).
  • Add AtvRemoteService.
  • Enable android volume control.
  • Fix Google Play crashes when click on Search.
  • Merge from Rockchip release(rk3399_pie_v4.10_20190614.xml).

Rockchip Release Note

  • Update tp AOSP android-9.0.0_r37
  • Some vendor library updates

Version: Android9.0_rk3399_box_20190515_1956_86307dc

  • Fix hdmi no sound issue.
  • Add Power app.
  • Add Tuner Settings.
  • Screen server default to Backdrop.
  • Fix wifi connect screen keyboard issue.

Version(Beta): Android9.0_rk3399_box_20190416_0936_f10ef3c

  • fix hdmi cec can not work.
  • fix tv settings can not found display device.
  • add AppDrawer apk (Thanks @mo123)

Version(Beta): Android9.0_rk3399_box_20190411_1204_547f9cf


  1. Power down instructions
    At present, rockpi cannot wake up from dormancy, and there is no wake-up source. Power Down menu is added in the Power App, which can be used by people in need.
  2. About wifi connect screen keyboard issue
    The Android TV using a remote control, It OK button corresponds to android KEYCODE_DPAD_CENTER. We converted KEYCODE_ENTER to KEYCODE_DPAD_CENTER.
    If you want to close it:
Settings -> Tuner Settings -> System -> Key Settings -> KEY_ENTER Transform -> CLose
  1. Exec the following command before download rkupdate image:
echo "rb_check_off=true" >  ~/.config/upgrade_tool/config.ini


App Lists:

  • TVLauncher
  • TV Live Channels
  • LeanbackIme
  • YouTubeLeanback
  • Tubesky(TV Google Play)
  • GoogleWebView
  • Backdrop
  • AndroidMediaShell(not work)
  • AtvRemoteService


Google Play










Nice work

But I have a problem with the play store, on a fresh installation it makes 2 update and then are 4 updates waiting but nothing happens.

In meanwhile I uninstalled this 2 updates and Noel are 5 updates waiting.

Is it no possible to installed something new.

What could I do?


It is possible to include newer apps in the firmware but then one week later Google updates their apps again, then they are old again, so it won’t have any effect.

You can try to power off device, disconnect from wifi, power off/on router and try updates again or clear cache of some Google apps and try. Most of the time the Google apps will just update by themselves and sometimes not. All Android devices have this problem sometimes.

Amazon Prime is running now.

RKMC Rockchip Kodi

Runs until I start to play a movie, than it crashes.

Could somebody provide a running kodi apk?

I installed them with adb, because of pending updates in the leanback store.

As long they are pending installation with the appstore is not possible.

The search function in the leanback store is not working.

happy Easter

You can download the latest Kodi 18.2 here

Install a good file manager like MiXplorer, don’t use ES File Explorer since it has too much adware and limited features.

A very good App Store to sideload is APKPure.
You can install and update apps directly, since the Google ATV has a very limited amount of apps.

RKMC was made for Nougat firmware but newer OS’s aren’t very compatible with it since video playback works differently and RKMC can’t handle fractional frame-rates introduced in newer Android OS’s. It was made for Lollipop and Marshmallow firmwares on RK3288, RK3229 devices before Kodi switched over to MediaCodec video playback standards.

If you use Kodi a lot, you can try LibreELEC.
It provides vastly superior video playback.
They are also working on Linux 5.x kernel support that is wip that will allow LibreELEC Linux Kodi to use newer video playback standards like V4L2.

Currently adapting to the latest version of kodi is very laborious and requires rockchip support.

IO wendt back To the latest 7.1 TV img.

kodi and amazon Prime is working on this img.


I’m NEW to RockPi4b –

just got mine today … getting ready to FLASH an SDCard -

I see two .img files what do I do with them? I’m used to flashing an image and booting?
I see an update - and a note to run
echo "rb_check_off=true" > ~/.config/upgrade_tool/config.ini

I’m confused… any help would be appreciated…

The gpt image, please refer to this guide:

Yes I read that.

that refers to: debian_stretch_lxde - image.

I’m referring to the Android TV image - which has a second(rkupdate) .img file that once selected - with Etcher - reports that the image is NOT bootable or corrupted.

What is that file for? and what how do I use it?

I have installed the new Android TV : rockpi-4b-pie-20190416_0936_f10ef3c-gpt

I'm trying to install YouTube TV ? Can't find it in the Play Store?

Also when attempting to UPDATE installed apps seems to be stuck downloading?

EDIT: I did find it finally - however all apps that I try to install or update just seem to be stuck or in progress - downloading?


I had the same Problem.

At the end i used this image:



Thanks, so far I’m VERY DISAPPOINTED with the images available for testing. Most don’t seem to allow even the basic usefulness. On the Debian image I wasn’t even allowed to change the time zone! Where is the info on what username and password has been assigned- to the install??

I had to change the default Keyboard to AOSP (Android Keyboard) to get the onscreen Keyboard to work correctly for me. However a new issue has surfaced, no Audio from HDMI (Video Plays well, but no audio from TV). Also can somebody confirm if Amazon Prime Video apk works on Android TV 9 or not? In previous android versions, the movie seemed to be playing a bit and then crashing after a while.

I had also this problem with the wifi password. I could solve this by changing the keyboard in android, i think it was the Android standard keyboard but i’m not sure.

However i have another problem with the android 9 TV image: on my TV, the audio is not working with the HDMI connection. Can anyone confirm this? Audio output is set to hdmi. Are there any hints what i can try to get my audio working?


Yes I got the same problem as you. Please fix the HDMI Audio output issue

HDMI Audio is not working, can you get that fixed?

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I will fix the above issue, thanks.

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Great news and can you have a look at the “Also when attempting to UPDATE installed apps seems to be stuck downloading” few of us are getting “Install Pending” or “Download Pending” on the google play store

“Install Pending” or “Download Pending” reference mo123