[ROM][Android9.0][RockPI 4A/B] Android P firmware released

Dear community

We are very happy to announce that we have released the android9 firmware.

Open Source: Portal

Image Installation guide.

U-Boot for spi flash beta bin:

Write spi flash guide.
(Do not insert bootable sd card when spi starts, otherwise load u-boot on sd.)

Magisk : Magisk Zip

Since this version has changed the default recovery to TWRP, a poll is conducted here:

  • I like TWRP Recovery.
  • I like Android Recovery.

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Version(1.0.0): RockPi-android9-20200522_1559 GPT RKUPDATE

  • Ctrl+Alt+Enter to open enter converts to dp-center.
  • The right mouse button is the BACK key.
  • TunerSettings add Network Adb Setting.
  • TvSettings Supprot mouse operation.
  • TWRP update to V3.3.1.0.
  • For compatibility, Close TF card sdr104 mode.
  • Rockchip SDK update to rk3399_pie_v9.10_20200417.xml.

Version: RockPi-android9-20200320_1734

  • Support Mraa in Android: Java API Reference
    1. Support AIO/GPIO/UART/I2C/PWM/SPI.
    2. Support Mraa Java Api, Package in aar format, you can use it in Android Studio.
    3. Support Mraa Tools: mraa-gpio/mraa-adc/mraa-uart/mraa-i2c/mraa-spi/mraa-pwm.

Version: RockPi-android9-20200304_1058

  • update sdk to rockchip rk3399_pie_v9.00_20191223.xml
  • update to android-9.0.0_r50
  • Configurable SU:
    TunerSettings -> System -> Root Access -enable-> APP SU Access.
    Enable SU that You can get su access in any app.
    If you need permission management, please swipe in Magisk.
    After swipe Magisk, this settings will be not work.
  • Supprot Raspberry Pi Camera V2.0 (imx219).
  • Ctrl+Alt+P to open power menu.
  • Fix factory reset not work in TWRP.
  • Fix first boot get more error in TWRP.
  • Add power button in Navbar.
  • Add TvSettings and set it to default Settings.
  • Optimize TunerSetting for open animation.
  • Change the launcher default workspace.
  • Enable TF card sdr104 mode.
  • Add a hard power button (16(High effective) pin in 40 pin).
    2 4 6 8 10 12 14 [16]…
    1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 …
  • default close Enter->DPAD Center.
    Reopen:TunerSettings -> System -> Key Settings -> KEY_ENTER Transform.

Version: RockPi-android9-20191122_1120

  • update sdk to rockchip rk3399_pie_v8.00_20191005.xml
  • update to android-9.0.0_r48
  • default not close screen when time out
  • add 2560x1440p60 in resolution_white.xml
  • restore previous version of navigation bar
  • default recovery change to TWRP
    1. support auto mount usb disk.
    2. support back up system/data to usb disk.

Version: RockPi-android9-20190927_1744

  • add tablet opengapps
    1. GooglePlay.
    2. GoogleSearchLauncher.
    3. YouTube.
    4. Chrome.
    5. GoogleVelvet.

Version: RockPi-android9-20190826_1824

  • Support Magisk.
  • Remove hdmi resolution filter.
  • Deleted two unused partitions (kernel, resource).

Version: RockPi-android9-20190823_1026

  • Fix USB3.0 switch not switching mode(device/host) in real time.
  • Fix kodi crash.
  • Fix leds-gpio configuration errors.
  • Close /data dm encrypt.

Rockchip Release Note

  • update to android-9.0.0_r42.

Version: RockPi-android9-20190719_1734

  • Add Androidterm apk.
  • fix SystemUI NavigationBar abnormal background.
  • fix boot error when multiple boot media inserts.
  • support m.2 nvme auto mount(Not used as a boot medium).
  • support nvme boot through spi flash.
  • Merge from Rockchip release(rk3399_pie_v4.10_20190614.xml).

Rockchip Release Note

  • Update tp AOSP android-9.0.0_r37
  • Some vendor library updates

Version(Beta): Android9.0_20190405_1050_f3f463c

Download gpt image as same as android7.1.
Download rkupdate image, Exec the following command before download image:

echo "rb_check_off=true" >  ~/.config/upgrade_tool/config.ini


  1. EMMC/SD boot.
  2. ADB.
  3. BT/WIFI.
  4. USB2.0x2/USB3.0x2.
  5. HDMI.
  6. Ethernet.
  7. SD/TF card.






Does this Android version support FHD (1920x1080)? Is there a planned Android 9 TV OS version release?

Yes, This version support.
About the TV OS version we will try to build.

How can I install google play?

the akp from apkmirror:

Google Play Store 14.5.52

Is not running and crashes after start.


You can try Android pie TV firmware:

I want do run kodi with hardware acceleration and Amzon prime video.

How can I do this?

In Android pie TV, The Amzon prime video can’t crash. But can’t display the icon on the home screen.

You can start it by adb command:
adb shell am start com.amazon.avod.thirdpartyclient/.LauncherActivity

This is working well for me.

How can I move the navigation bar, it is on the right side instead of the bottom.


I aktivatet the developer mode.

but i cant acces via adb

PS C:\adb> ./adb connect xx.xx.xx.xx
unable to connect to xx.xx.xx.xx:5555

it is connected via lan

is 5555 the right port?


You need enable internet adb.
Settings -> Developer options -> Internet Adb

The port is 5555.

You may need to modify the source of systemui

I am connected now, but this command does not work.

PS C:\adb> ./adb shell am start com.amazon.avod.thirdpartyclient/.LauncherActivity
Starting: Intent { act=android.intent.action.MAIN cat=[android.intent.category.LAUNCHER] cmp=com.amazon.avod.thirdpartyclient/.LauncherActivity }
Error type 3
Error: Activity class {com.amazon.avod.thirdpartyclient/com.amazon.avod.thirdpartyclient.LauncherActivity} does not exist.

I have also a problem with playstore.
When I click the “Search function”
the search bar appears and disappears in a second

and kodi , installed from the play store,crashes directly aftervstart


You need install it first.

Can I get a root? And how can I do this?

Radxa can built firmware with Magisk enabled.
Then you can patch your boot.img with MagiskManager(or a patched boot.img can be directly used for firmware image) to have root.

lunch rk3399_box-userdebug
make -j$(nproc)

lunch rk3399-userdebug
make -j$(nproc)

Unfortunately the 9.0 P image does not seems to support the RasPi Cam (the 7.1 image did!). Hope, this will be added soon?

Has anyone tried to use an USB (UVC) camera with the 9.0 image?

I will check.Thanks.

lunch rk3399-userdebug, 我已经找到问题了,等我更新吧.