RockPI4 not booting Manjaro

I have RockPi 4B v1.3, once I burn an sd card with Etcher the latest image of debian (rockpi4-debian-stretch-desktop-arm64-20190730_2022-gpt.img.gz), it boots perfectly, but once I burn the image of Manjaro (Manjaro-ARM-lxqt-rockpi4-19.06.img.xz), only the green light stays on and nothing is happening, apparently it does not boot at all.
As I saw, debian is having 4 or 5 partitions as manjaro is coming only with one.
Am I doing something wrong and where can be the problem with it?
Do I have to solder SPI flash chip and to flash it to make it work or any other reasons why that can happen?

Hello hisinfernal,
Boot Manjaro not need solder SPI flash chip,you can use ‘md5sum Manjaro-ARM-lxqt-rockpi4-19.06.img’ command to see is it md5 code equal to cbb8de130b8d4f19cf4e4ebd169c5b5d.

Yes, the md5sum is the same. I’ve tried to use Etcher and dd as well, but when I am plugging sd card with Manjaro, only green light is on, and nothing else is blinking.

Maybe you will have some other ideas?

If only green led is on, then the loader in spi is not running.
We are not sure the rkbin version of Manjaro use.
@Jubian Do you know it?

I have version Rock Pi 4 4gb v1.3 so, I have no SPI flash chip.
Manjaro version which was downloaded, was from radxa download section and with name of: “Manjaro-ARM-lxqt-rockpi4-19.06.img”