Rockpi penta sata plugin lagging on Rock pi 4C

I have just bought Penta sata kit and installed one hdd in it. As a system I am using latest Armbian Bullseye. NAS server works fine, SBC also works very smooth. But i have problem with lagging display and button. Sometimes display freezes and after some random time just slides through next pages very fast. If i just click on a button, while display is lagging it recognizes action as a long press.
I have tried to update everything and reinstalling penta package.
Now i am thinking to create my own script with wiringx, if I cant find a solution to this problem.

Did anyone else encounter this problem?

The Penta Sata top board has the switch connected to the Rock Pi 4 GPIO, to sense the button being pushed. However this button does not have either of a passive pullup on the GPIO nor a resistor pullup. That means that you can get noise and random actuation.

It may be possible that you are seeing a manifestation of this.

For another user their problem is discussed in the entry:PENTA SATA KIT - Fan randomly stops causing overheating

I had done some work on the Penta Sata software, documented in: Penta SATA HAT enhanced display (oled, I/O, temp) and operation (button, fan)
in which one of the photos shows how you would put a resistor pullup onto the switch to get dependable operation, if this is your problem.

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Thanks for your reply oket.
There really was a noise on this button and I connected 10k Ohm resistor to 3.3V, like you did on your thread. Since this seems to be a common problem i think Radxa should fix this in future version.
I have also seen, that I am not the only one thinking, that fan should work in linear mode. :slight_smile:
I will try to put your code on my Pi4C and I will also try to add function for display to go in sleep mode.
Thank you for your time.

Thanks @oket for pointing this out, we should fix this issue.