Rockpi 4B won't boot when pentahat is installed

I recently bought a RPI 4B + eMMC + penta hat module.

Flashed the ubuntu focal image onto the eMMC, booted the device and then followed the Penta HAT SW install procedures listed at the wiki.

However, when I try to power on the device with the HAT plugged in (with no HDs attached to it), it does not boot. A static green led lights up on both RPI and HAT, but the small blueish activity led never comes up and the HDMI signal is never activated.

If I unplug the HAT, the RPI comes back to life again. Am I missing something here ?

I think by RPI you mean ROCK Pi, right? Because Penta SATA HAT doesn’t support Raspberry Pi.

Do you power from the Penta 12V DC or the USB C on ROCK Pi 4B? If power from the USB C on ROCK Pi 4B, what power adapter are you using?

CC @setq