Rock5B with Ubuntu Desktop

think so. we are all on same boat waiting for linux support to improve.
after all this board isn’t even available for sell yet, just preorder were delivered so hopefully it should gain more popularity in coming weeks

if raspberry shortage carries on this could become the best alternative and drain even more users, but linux support needs to improve

Yes, my intention was not to say that it is not suitable for desktop use in a general way, rather not right now.
I’ve read better things for other competitors with the same chip, moreover with ubuntu 22.04. They probably success with graphics drivers, hopefully this will happen soon with radxa as well.

you mean with rk3588 soc?
I wonder why we couldn’t benefit from it, as it is same chip so should use same drivers?

This guy does a great job at promoting rk3588 based board on his channel, he reviewed quite a few already. last is one called nanopi r6s

He might test on linux later, we’ll see if it performs better but I would expect same issues…

I refer to Khadas Edge 2

Yeah I think Khadas seem to have a better experience with 22.04 without actually testing one as could well be the same.
Compared to my early adopter with the Rock4 we are already massively ahead, for you guys waiting it will be slow, but pretty sure things will move relatively fast.
Some of the more god like devs in the debug thread and discord look like 22.04 think its wayland is sort of getting stable with rkdec hardware decode looking very close.

PS on debian to get docker working also needs just a few little updates.

ETA prime is a great reviewer and loves his retro emulators but doesn’t touch the dev side.
I would say get on discord but at times with so much by so many you can get a bit disheartened with a few bum steers as some seem to just enjoy producing images.

Pre-order is just being cleared and they will keep chipping away bit by bit and presume an ubuntu with a ‘richer’ desktop will likely be next.

If you want to check out the mali and its opencl perf I have been playing with armnn which is great as with a single parameter you can switch from running from cpu to gpu.
I wish the arm example was a little more heavy than something pi based as the wav2letter model is pretty poor but is good as an example.

The NPU is also working very powerful but also lite on wattage and wouldn’t be surprised if down the dev path it could be used for super scaling.
The board and rk3588/s is really interesting but yep its very fresh.

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Soon… you mean like October 2022?

Following this post will get a desktop with GPU drivers that are arguably already better than what the “competition” install:

I made the mistake of upgrading Ubuntu to 22.04.1 “Jammy Jellyfish” and unfortunately Radxa libraries don’t seem to be available…
glmark2 Score: 64

You can still use Panfork libs:
Jammy is a perfect place for this, as well as media libs:


OK… glmark2 score is now 726! Thanks!

I will assume no gpu accelleration? Is it all software rendered via llvm?

One of the mekatronics Rk3588 offerings is able to get 3600 on glmark2 in Ubuntu, which is a stark contrast to what the panfork drivers are able to pull off. I’m wondering how they managed it?

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Here’s my KDE Plasma and I have Gnome 43 both installed on top of Armbian Kinetic 22.10 minimal. Considering the driver is still WIP it’s running nice and fast. Wayland is no go on kde and gnome it works nice but I get some kernel glitches in the log.

Kernel: 5.10.72-rockchip-rk3588 arch: aarch64 bits: 64
Desktop: KDE Plasma v: 5.26.4 Distro: Ubuntu 22.10 (Kinetic Kudu) 

Display: x11 server: X.Org v: with: Xwayland v: 22.1.3 driver:
X: loaded: modesetting gpu: resolution: 2560x1440~60Hz
OpenGL: renderer: Mali-G610 (Panfrost) v: 3.0 Mesa 23.0.0-devel

Me too. I’d like an alternative to panfork/frost that will allow highe perf and enable wayland on kde plasma.

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I found out the cause of unexpected reboots: the 65W power supply i bought on allnetchina is faulty, i noticed that it makes a noise like frying. I bought another branded 65W power supply and I no longer experience system crashes. This is for system stability.
On the other way the UI is very heavy without gpu acceleration, unusable for me.

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FWIW, with the latest “gofaster” Panfork patches (I had to recompile kernel to enable them) I got ~3855 in glmark2-es2-wayland (~1300 without the patches) running on a GDM Ubuntu on Wayland, with a 4k display. I think that’s quite OK.

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The “ARM desktop level SBC” need a desktop OS now!
Why did they even bother to release ubuntu server when marketing the SBC as desktop level?
At the moment the 5B serves best as bookend.

Awesome, would really like to try wayland + gnome on this board with full graphics acceleration.
Is there some any guide or information available somwhere to perform installation?

I think we will have to wait long time to see it.
OpenSource is unpredictable - I’m still waiting for OpenWRT on AX3600 from Xiaomi. Making builds and step by step all stuff running is 33% of work. Making it stable for avarage user is the rest.

How were you able to do this? Can you point us in the right direction, so that we can give this a shot as well (link or some other guide)? I’m stuck at around 850 on glmark2. Thanks!

Anytime you update kernel upgrading system by dist-upgrade the boot fail: green and blue lights blinks endlessly, no video input, like a loop.
I don’t understand how can be satisfied with such a card, always problems occur. Luckily it is a distro officially supported… I don’t want to go further.
My biggest regret is not being able to return the card and all the accessories I bought, it’s completely unusable, very disappointed.