Rock5B/Display 8HD: Magic smoke from MIPI ribbon connector, help identify burned part

I recently got the Radxa Display 8HD and 10FHD to use with my Rock5B. It was working OK but then today the magic smoke came out of the Rock5B board and the MIPI displays no longer power on. I suspect the ribbon connector shorted across conductors and drove the current up, destroying a component on the top side of the board near the underside of the MIPI/DSI connector.

I have had a hell of a time with these ribbon connectors, having used 4 different cables and with both the Display 8HD and 10FHD. I’ve never been able to get the connection to remain stable. It seems that the slightest misalignment can cause the signal or power to drop out. It would be nice if Radxa could use more robust connectors for the MIPI/DSI, similar to the size of connector used on the display itself.

Could someone help me identify the part in this photo and let me know what part number to replace it with? It is on the top side of the PCB, to the left of the Ethernet jack, in the area where the MIPI connector is on the reverse of the PCB. You can see the top of the WiFi card in this photo, for orientation.

It looks like maybe a diode? I’m not very good at reading schematics but it looks like it might be this guy:

I will say that the rest of my Rock5B is still working OK, but the MIPI display circuit seems toast with this component blown.