Rock Pi4B, Audio not working

I have been trying to get my New Rock Pi working with ffmpeg now for a week without success. I first tried Armbian. After compiling ffmpeg and running it, ffmpeg didn’t find the Alsa library and with libpulse installed and enabled, It didn’t find the Rock’s hardware, CARD=rockchipes8316c or CARD=0,DEV=0. In further checking, I find that audio is not working at all, HDMI or on the audio jack, in or out of Armbian. I finally got tired messing with Armbian deficiencies and installed Ubuntu Server on a new microSD card.

I booted the Rock Pi4 with Ubuntu Server and found the same problem, No audio on any input or output devices. I started searching through Ubuntu’s configuration and found almost no setup or configuration files for the audio system. The few I did find were empty files.

Right now, I am beginning to think that the audio chip inside my Rock Pi4 is bad and therefor the OS nstall cicn’t install the necessary audio driver but that cannot be because aplay -L does find the device listed and I don’t think that a defective rock audio chip would keep the HDMI driver from working.

Could I just have a bad Rock Pi4b board or Is it because there is no driver available for this Rock chip?

Right now, I am loading in the gnu desktop to try to get audio working with the graphic config tools. It is of little use to Google for answers for command line solutions since most all posted solutions start with clicking on the desktop.

Any pointing in the right direction would be very helpful.


The main desktop image is

I would try that first.

I installed the xubuntu desktop and that installed the full audio system with it along with the whole xubuntu desktop package that I do not need. I still had to install a whole bunch of libraries that weren’t included just to get libgnutls up and running. I now have a fully bloated desktop package that I don’t need just to get a headless version of ubuntu server working properly. I am, however, glad that installing the full desktop added the audio services that I needed so that I don’t have to move on searching for an OS package that I can use for streaming. If anyone has a suggestion as to a more appropriate OS that runs on the Rock Pi that runs trim and headless and is more suited for streaming, I am sill keeping my eye out for other possibilities.

Ffmpeg now compiles properly with gnutls and now I can create a functioning stream to Facebook. The fact that ffmpeg compiled okay using “plughw:CARD=rockchipes8316c” is a good sign that the audio is all there and working, but as of yet, I haven’t able to get any audio in or out of the system through the 4 circuit audio jack. Am I missing something or is there anything that I need to do to activate the audio jack?

After messing with xubuntu, I installed the official Debian image for the Rock Pi and wala! I now have audio playing back through the RK3399’s DAC to headphones. I still have a problem that the audio-in is still not working. I have summarized that my issue is caused by 2 problems, one is that my Rock Pi4B’s analog audio-in is faulty so I’ll have to use a USB audio adapter. The other reason is that the 3rd party builds for the Rock are deficient or buggy.

I do have a problem with the official Debian for the Rock release.There is a lot of utility missing in it but hopefully I may be able to at least get it to work for what I need it for.