Rock Pi 4C plus defective

I have installed multiple distros WiFi won’t authenticate. The WiFi password doesn’t pass through kwallet. Radxa tech support has failed to provide an answer or workaround. I have noticed that the 4C plus has been removed from their website. Isn’t this an admission that the board is defective?

I assume you have the 1.41 hardware (without M.2). Have you attached the antenna? My 1.2 works rather bad without an antenna attached. At least with Armbian (and kernel 6.x) I was able to connect using network-manager.

I believe Radxa should either refund for the ROCK-pi-4c+ or replace the units with one that works properly. I have tried to install multiple distros. Most don’t display using the HDMI ports. WiFi won’t authenticate. Debian Bullseye with KDE almost works. It must be physically connected to the network with RJ-45 cables. realVNC won’t install, consequently it won’t support “headless” operation. A review of online posts supports my position. Radxa should step up and do the right thing.

Would be interested to know what other posts you’ve found on this.

I already know these 2:

A little bit more info here is necessary. The 4C+ is different from other Rock 4’s. It has two different HDMI ports, the “4K” port is a “real” HDMI port. The “2K” port is a DisplayPort that is converted using a DP->HDMI chip on the board to HDMI if I understand the schematics right.

If the distro does not support the 4C+ directly (and say use the 4B image), the 2K port probably will be non-functional. The second problem is that HDMI can be connected using a cheap adapter to a DVI input. However, the kernel must support this. Some versions are broken. So, if “some” distros does not work, this does not prove anything. Which kernel version, and which dtb is loaded… Regarding WiFi, you didn’t even answer if you connected the antenna… BTW: As the 4C+ uses a different wifi chip that 4A, 4B, 4C it will probably not work if you use the wrong DTB.

However, even if your board is broken, I fear Radxa will not do anything. You have to return it through the seller. I returned a broken 5B through Allnet.China, was replaced without problems.


Sorry if out of topic, but Armbian works on Rock 4C+? Did you get the image from the Armbian website? What particular version is it?

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Yes works fine, however, I use self-compiled images, based on kernel 6.1, Bookworm and Cinnamon, so I cannot point to any image.
However, images from should work out of the box.