Rock Pi 4B v1.4 no boot on EMMC

Hi there, i recently bought a Rock Pi 4B v1.4 SBC and on paper i think it is amazing (for now at least)
Right now i have a problem. Any image i flash using etcher cant seem to boot the device, with an exeption - DietPi, that image flashes and boot normaly (whell if normally is ~1 min to start the boot after power on).
Im flashing images on EMMC module i bought with RockPi and on all the forums i havent found the answer, kind of sad actually.
Also i have an SD card which seems to be working fine, and is booting Debian and Ubuntu minimal image with no problems, but would be great to boot from EMMC.
Maybe there is some pin to pull HI or LOW? or maybe some config file to copy to image?
Copying a file would be a problem because windoes doesnt seem to see the flashed SD as an openable storage.
Anyway, would appreciate some help, thank you!

You can try to short out pin 23 and pin 25 and boot from EMMC again.

Looks like that did the trick, thank you!

Also having issues with eMMC boot, specifically the Android TV image. A few questions regarding shorting pins 23-25:

  • Do I need to remove the RTC battery for this to take effect?
  • Should I keep the pins shorted after powering up?

Shorting them while the board was off, and battery attached, did not help.

Here’s my boot log:

EDIT: Never mind, found this post that explains what’ going on - Rock Pi 4A - emmc issues

  • must be shorted while booting to take effect, is not a permanent fix

A good method is to erase the SPI Flash. Why not have a look at this guide, and follow the the part of “Erase images on SPI flash from PC”.

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Thanks, I can now boot to eMMC without a jumper. :+1:

My understanding from reading various threads and posts here is that bootloader in SPI is only required when booting from NVMe drive, is that correct?

You are right. When you using eMMC or TF card as system storage, you don’t need a SPI Flash.