ROCK Pi 4B PoE HAT and sample give away

Hi community

We are very happy to announce that, we have make the ROCK Pi PoE HAT samples now and it proves working! Here is what it looks like.

The top surface

The bottom surface

With ROCK Pi 4B

With RPi 3B+


Hi, Community

We welcome developers to test the PoE module, to apply the free sample of PoE module, following requirements should be met:

  • Owner of ROCK Pi 4B or Raspberry Pi 3B+
  • Having access to networking devices supporting PoE, 802.11 AF or AT
  • Basic hardware knowledge, can measure the voltage, power consumption etc

We expect the tester with the following result:

  • Brand/model of the PoE provider device
  • Working status
  • Power consumption measured

To apply the free sample, just reply this topic with a brief introduction of yourself and how do you plan to test it. For the result, just edit your post afterwards to add your conclusion.

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Hi, there,
Here is my application for ROCKPi POE HAT sample. I do own a ROCKPI 4B from allnetchina Taobao store, and a 10Ports PoE D-Link switch. And I have tools for measure voltage power consumption and etc.
Generally I spend a lot my spare time on OpenWRT on my several WRT1900s, and together with a Espressobin networking SBC. I did some bcache fs for my Espressobin with SSD and USB3 attached disk, and also cryptodev with inside-secure safeexcel.
Hope I can play with PoE HAT.


PoE HAT arrived at 2019/01/10
First trying out:
The port 1 to port 8 can be set a power limit between 1W and 30W. Max power used by PSE: Class 1: 4W, Class 2: 7W, Class 3: 15.4W, Class 4: 30W.

Port State Time Range Priority Delay Power Detect Power Limit Power (W) Voltage(V) Current(mA) Classification Status
4 Enabled N/A Normal Disabled Auto 0.0 0.0 0.0 Class 4 Overload

with default PoE port settings, it is saying PSE class4, but overload. board Power LED is slowly flashing, and can not boot up.

So I manually set the port power limit to 30W, it is booting up without problem.
4 Enabled N/A Normal Disabled 30.0 4.5 53.8 84.0 30.0 (User Defined) POWER ON

From what I observed, the initial booting up watt is between 15-20watt.

PS. I have ordered m2 extender board and heatsink, if I try to mount them together, the m2 extend cable is a little short. And the screw cylinders are not compatible too.

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I would like to get sample of rockpi 4b and also poe.
I can do the review of that and also report the issues.

Thnaks a lot

I own 4 rockpi 4b that i am testing in my opencv kubernetes cluster,
i have a BLY-SFP2G4FEP1000M 5 port poe switch
i own tools to mesure voltage comsumtion.
I have been tickering with the raspberry pi and Arduino for the past 2 years.
I work as a Unix/HL7 inetrface tech support and integrator


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I got the rockpi 4b a while back and have been tinkering with it, for a while now.
I have plenty of experience with measuring values, since if been working with arduino, raspberry and other µ controllers for at least 1.5 years.

I have a couple Networking devices that are capable off PoE, once I decided which one to use I’ll post detailed information regarding setup, measured data and results.

I have a Raspi 3B+ and will be getting a Rock Pi 4B soon.
My PoE switch is a Ubiquiti 8 port switch

Question, can i put a y connector to used the GPOI at the same time as the PoE Hat?

Yes, you can. The PoE Hat only uses the 4 PoE header and 5V pins on 40pin GPIO header. The rest signals are empty. Maybe we should export them as well…

We have collected enough applications.

Thanks @tangsoft @Pierre @Roggerson @dcplaya for helping us testing the PoE HAT. We will ship the sample to you. Please send a private message to @radxa of your shipping address and contact phone number. @radxa will send you the tracking info after the shipment.

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Is this PoE HAT still on testing phase?

Well, the PoE is working fine, the biggest issue is the HEAT!! From our test, running at 5V/4.5A, which is 22.5W, the temperature is reaching 100 degree! Apparently we need heatsink and fan for this. we need a re-layout design to get it usable for normal users.

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What is the voltage for the USB C power connector, the RockPI power adapter has a 5v, 9v and 12v rating.

Is it safe to provide 12v 1.5a to the USB C port?

Is there less heat that way?