ROCK 5B Debug Party Invitation

Will have to see but presume the heatsink has changed since the 1st one shown as the mounting holes have changed and guess the new one is bigger.

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Wasting the one and only PCIe 3.0 x4 pipe of a SoC, in a Nvme termination is the evil of the century.

m.2 is used for a lot more than NVMe drives. The number of m.2 devices and adapters for non-m.2 devices are legion. I think the choice of an m.2 M-Key and an m.2 E-Key were good choices.

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Pine64 is getting EU store too, should be ready in few days. I did not expected that this distributor need to work only with one such company, there are for sure some selling everything that they can get :wink:

50x is reasonable amount :slight_smile: have You made any experimental units with 32GB RAM? :slight_smile:

All 32GB ram on RK3588 is advertising now, RK3588 can support up to 32GB address space but it doesn’t mean there is single chip 16GB ram available. Currently for 5B, up to 24GB ram is what actually can ship, the price would be much higher. Did you check the new M2 chip from Apple, do you know why the max unified memory size is 24GB? M2 is using LPDDR5.


We do have PWM control fan and heatsink mounting holes too.

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I have been looking forward to RADXA 5B for a long time since the reserve was paid in January. I am very happy to see the debug invitation as a linux developer. At the same time, I also hope to make some contributions to radax 5B, such as Linux kernel / Android debugging and learning, Thanks.

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I think you have the ram about right IMO as I went for the 8gb based on cost where you seem to be charging approx $20 per 4gb.
@ 16gb almost half the cost is ram alone (x1.89) which for me is prob excessive and hence 8gb seemed a better balance.
32gb even of you could @ $260 (x2.6) cost is ram alone which seems extremely lob sided even if the format had space on board.

For coupon in Jan, it’s the first batch, so don’t worry :slight_smile:

Don’t get me wrong - I was just curious if You tried to put there 32GB. In fact both firefly and mixtile teams are advertising 32GB version and nobody is selling it - firefly have note that it’s on special request only (probably way to expensive) and mixtile announced that because of chip shortage this one will be ready at the end of year (also at unknown price but they asked recently how much clients are willing to pay).

Do I need 32GB? Probably not for single service or desktop usage, when You are doing one thing at time and have much more expensive workstation/laptop with huge, fast memory. For clusters it’s the matter of resources and services, some just needs more memory and its easy to scale in k8s. Also proxmox is coming to ARM and those are resource hungry too. For me 16GB is optimal and I would probably buy just another and cluster them together to get more CPU and io :slight_smile:

More RAM may be needed in AI and newest nvidia orin comes with up to 64GB RAM and 275T (it’s available to buy, but I’m waiting for $900 version with 32GB/200T). Of course it’s different price range and much more power than 6T of RK3588, but probably best TDP and dimensions. I think RK3588 will stay with us for some time so it’s still big jump from RK3399 with max 4GB of RAM :slight_smile:

I completely agree - for now it’s just expensive memory chip. I just was curious if there were any attempts on this capacity or if it’s currently just not possible. As Jack said nobody is selling that option now, but this may change when memory chip prices will go down and there will be more memory hungry applications :slight_smile:

My memory of my foggy brain has a hazy memory that SODIMMs are a bit awkward to use as you need to read the eeprom conf to initialise which is a whole load of dev work.
Pretty sure I read a suggestion that a hybrid arrangement is much easier where if you have a single fixed ram chip to boot with additional sodimm is much easier to initialise.
Dunno how true that is but that would be so much more flexible, maybe even easier to accommodate on board, but yeah ram as ARM socs get ever more powerful could see need for more ram.
The economies of sale that Micron are selling there ram chips for is obviously much more than Radxa’s purchase power and maybe that could be a future solution?
I guess you have a few problems with fixed chips, initial cost, board space and stock that may not sell.
It would be interesting what the Rcode results gave Radxa as I would guess 8gb would be the most popular for a SoC that is quite a big step up from a Pi4, but maybe the spread was more even from 4gb to 16gb.

Also when it comes to curiosity what is the speed difference of dedicated eMMC to SD adapter mounted eMMC as just wondering if more universal use could help as that also seems to suffer from economies of sale when compared to mass produced NVME.


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I think in August we can ship the first batch of order.


Once the EU distributor surfaces, will it be possible to get our hands on coupons here in Europe as well? And/or will coupons acquired elsewhere accepted by said distributor?

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I am sorry that the coupon is only available for current two distributors, Allnet and Ameridroid and the coupon will not be available soon once we start shipping. The already bought coupon is available in one year.

I am sorry that the coupon is only available for current two distributors, Allnet and Ameridroid […]

Thanks for the quick clarification! Let’s hope that there will be coupons for early adopters of future models in the EU as well, then…

This is still good schedule, we should have devices shipped before christmas :wink:

We got july now so I hope there will be announcement about this EU shop, hopefully much better than which has only one sbc now and site looks poor. I saw that Allnet restocked some rock pis, so probably there is another batch of them comming to that EU store.
BTW: yestarday annonced pi was sold in about 5 hours at most of distributors. :slight_smile: you can still get if that is what you mean or did I miss a new product?

I would rather go for some esp32 for such product.
Sure some stores could get more of them - I checked those near and all sold everything on first day :slight_smile:

I hope that radxa new eu shop will get reasonable amounts :slight_smile:

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Is PoE capability planned for this board?