ROCK 5B Debug Party Invitation

Thanks for the Discord link ! I think I’ll switch to armbian at the moment, if it can play smoothly 4k 60p videos, I’ll be fine with that.

USA based dev here; late to the party.

where can I get a rock5b >= 16GB RAM at this point? ameridroid best bet?

But yeah Ameridroid or go direct to allnet

If You are in USA then ameridroid seeme to be better option but both are ok. I ordered this month from both of them and i was about 3 working days for ameridroid to ship to Nevada and about 5 for allnet to ship to Europe.


any chance you can send another discord invite, this one is not valid anymore it seems

apols haven’t been around


Hello, can you give a thesis step by step instructions, how did you achieve the result?

This error occurs when the python compiler gets confused between function name and module name and try to run a module name as a function. This error statement TypeError: ‘module’ object is not callable is raised as you are being confused about the Class name and Module name. The problem is in the import line . You are importing a module, not a class. This happend because the module name and class name have the same name .

If you have a class MyClass in a file called , then you should write:

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In Python , a script is a module, whose name is determined by the filename . So when you start out your file with import MyClass you are creating a loop in the module structure. Also, note that this usually happens when you import any kind of module as a function.

Thank you for the explanation. It was solved somehow at that time, most likely the same way.
I am about to review some of my tests with SDL3 and the latest rockchip rt but would like to try with yolov8 if possible.

I have read somewhere (can’t find the info anymore) people have (or had) some trouble converting it to rknn.
Are you willing to try converting it and sharing the rknn models, if so, please share your thoughts?
See here:

Seems Onnx is the most compatible so either get a Onnx Yolo8 or convert to Onnx then convert 2 Rknn2.

Rknn2 looks relatively easy and quite good but its a bit of a steep curve and the documentation isn’t great.
I had a look as was really intrested to see if as pytorch whisper is converted to onnx before finally becoming tflite, but boy you have to really have some will power :slight_smile:

I was thinking whisper would be a mighty model to have on the rk3588 NPU as on the cpu the test JFK.wav inference is taking just over a second with the tiny model.
The Armv8.2 SDOT and UDOT instructions provide access to many multiply and accumulate operations every cycle so greatly speed up ML so it would be interesting to compare a more complex model like whisper against the npu.

It would be interesting to see how far or the issues people are having trying YOLOv8.

This may be a way too noob question. I have an M2 to USB3 adapter. I can’t seem to get it working. Is there some config setting I need to make it work?

My understanding is that this card is not a USB3 adapter but a PCIe adapter that uses USB3 connectors (which are electrically compatible). It’s something common among the cryptomining community to extend the bus to reach multiple GPUs. If you run lspci I suspect you’ll see 4 new PCI busses. I agree that the article’s description is deceptive given that it’s written USB3 at a few places, but in fact it’s always associated with PCIe 1x which clearly is the bus in question. Now the good thing is that if you buy 4 of the other boards that connect to these ports, you’ll have 4 PCIe 1 slots for your board, on which you’ll probably be able to connect boards providing up to 4 USB3 ports each :slight_smile: (the peak bandwidth will remain limited to PCIe 3.0 1x =8 Gbps though).

I think it’s not going to work for the same reason a SSD SATA with M + B keys does not work.
You can check if you get any power on the USB3.

Nope since the ASM1184E PCIe switch is Gen2 hardware.

There’s no USB3 since @flyingRich’s card simply contains an old PCIe switch that turns Gen2 x4 into 4 x Gen2 x1 and provides these four downstream PCIe ports as USB receptacles (PCIe Gen2 signals and USB3 cables work well together since similar impedance or something like that).

I mean to check if there is 5V on USB receptacles. I think will not.
I hope he can measure that and tell us.

Of course there’s no 5V present on the USB-A receptacles since they’re not meant to be used with USB peripherals. Only purpose is connecting them to separate PBCs with a x1/x16 PCIe slot (mechanical x16, logical x1) and separate 12V power connectors to let discrete PCIe GPUs waste energy for revenue (so called ‘mining’).

Stuff like this:

Well, I don’t know much about this stuff. I thought that … Briefly thought in order to communicate via USB 5V is needed…

Do we have a status on this?