Rock 4 SE boot options and initial display

Attempting to start a new Rock 4 SE. Able to boot a Raspberry Pi via USB and was assuming that would work for the Rock too, but appears not.

My main concern is nothing is an initial screen is displayed and power levels are minimal (LED display on USB-C cable) but there is a green light on the board. Is that normal, or should there be some sort of failed boot screen?

Can the 4 SE boot via M.2, or will I have to use micro flash card, or emmc to boot? I have a mounting board with extension cable already on order, it’s just taking longer to ship… based on Rock 4 SE -- NVME boot? it sounds like I will have to always use a micro sd flash (or emmc).

If it’s not normal for no display with no supported boot device, what’s the first step of troubleshooting? suspecting that might be normal as it’s very limited in boot options. Don’t have a spare flash card, but can probably get one tomorrow, but would like to know if I have other issues with no video signal.


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I saw a review of the ROCK 4 SE that stated boot is only from the sdcard or emmc.