Rock 4 SE -- NVME boot?

New owner of 4 SE, read what I can on booting from NVME, but all I can find doesn’t seem to apply to the 4 SE.

Anyone know if you can boot from NVME, and, if so, how?

But did you try anything?

ROCK 4 SE doesn’t have on board SPI flash

so you need SD card or eMMC for NVMe booting.

More info can be found here:

Thank you for response. I’ve read all that and I’m still confused on whether or not the 4 SE can boot from NVME (without SD card). Is it possible?

No, its not possible. You need SPI flash - i think you can solder it if you are skilled for this kind of operation.

Yep, spent days trying the various methods. I’ve installed/mounted NVME disk, 4 SE recognizes it. Installed images (a few times), but 4 SE doesn’t boot from NVME. Get a green light, but never a blue.

If I boot from SD card with NVME installed, I can see the NVME with system files and all partitions.

Instructions on Rockpi4/install/NVME - Radxa Wiki show methods that require SPI which is not present on the 4SE.

So, that’s why I’m stuck.

This method / OS (almost) always works - SD boot, NVME root. But haven’t tried it with SE since don’t have this variant …

Thank you! Had not tried armbian distro, the missing piece was the armbian-config that let me point to the nvme.

Still need the SD card for some reason, but I’m running system from nvme.

Thanks for your help!