Reuse Quad SATA NAS case with Penta SATA hat + Rock Pi 5A


I have a Quad SATA case (I bought the whole kit but never got it working reliably) lying around. Can I use it for building a NAS with following in that case?

  • Penta SATA HAT
  • Rock 5A

I understand there is an eSATA connector on the HAT but that can stay within as I don’t see any use for it in my setup.


The holes of their DC seats may be different. Originally, the DC of Quad sold with the case was 5521, and later the DC of Quad and Penta were changed to 5525.

@setq - Thanks. Looks like I will have to skip it then. From one of the reviews of the Penta SATA HAT, it seems it gets very hot too.

My quest for a nice DIY NAS still continutes…


We have designed a new casing for the Penta that may be able to lower the working temperature. The new casing is being 3D printed to make samples, and we should be able to test and know the results next week.

@setq - Thanks for the reply. I will be keen to know the results and probably go for a new kit.
Good luck!

Hi @setq, any updates on the case? I’m interested to get a set of the penta Nas hat for Raspi5 and case soon to upgrade from the flaky quad SATA hat…

Hi @eskimo,

We uploaded the 3D printed file, which you can download from here:

It dissipates heat better than the previous case because it has more vents.

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Thanks @setq! I’ll take a look and print it out when I have the time…

Does this 3D printable support the top display?

wow, looks much better than original metal case!
Will that be available soon on arace or allnet?

@setq Thank you for the 3d print files. Are you planning to release a 3d case for using this penta sata hat with rock5a also?

It seems this hat is compatible with rock5a also as per

Also I think I saw a video on youtube where a guy setup this NAS using rock5a pink.

With armbian making good progress, I am planning to try rock5a also.


Hi @eskimo,

We have collected some 3D printed casings and updated them in the documentation[1]


Hi @vijaygill,

We have plans to release 3D printed enclosures for ROCK 5A and ROCK 5C.

This may happen after the Raspberry Pi 5 case receives some feedback. We’ll fix some feedback issues.