Replace 4-port USB connector

Hi everyone,

I want to restructure my Quad SATA NAS a little bit. I bought a GPIO cable to relocate the SATA HAT Board on my Raspberry PI 4. Now, I need to find a different solution to connect the 4 USB 3.0 Ports, because I cannot use the white 4-port usb connector box any longer.
Could I use just 2 USB 3.0 A/A cables or must there be some kind of hub in between?


Hi Maik,

based on my expierence you can not use standard A-male to A-male cable as for male / male inside wires are “swapped”.
More options and details here: Heat issue solved by separating SATA HAT and Pi


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Great. Thanks a lot for your input and for your work on the seperate case!