Release Date for Rock Pi4B?

Any idea what the release date for Rock Pi4B will be?


Hi, TheDude

We are now officially working with Allnet for the distribution. You can now buy from their online shop.


Why does the price differ so much from press releases. It was stated as being $39 but where I can locate a retail source the prices start at $75 and thats exclusing heatsings and suitable power supplies.

The official price of ROCK Pi is listed below:

Model A:

1GB: 39usd
2GB: 49usd
4GB: 65usd

Model B:

1GB: 49usd
2GB: 59usd
4GB: 75usd

The price doesn’t includes any accessories expect the main board. You need at least a power supply with USB C port and an OS image storage media such as eMMC module or microSD card to use it.

Can you point me to any retail site where it is available at that price?

I do realise it needs power and storage, and I have those available., I wasn’t factoring that into the price But I was also wondering about heat sinks, none of retail sites show a heat sink for this, but it must be needed? the RK3399 gets very very hot under normal use.

I’d also like to know the answers to BrianBeuken’s questions. Thanks.

We are working on to provide sales channel of official price for the board. At the mean time, we don’t have stock now. The next batch will be available within 3 weeks.

Been over three weeks now Jack. What is the latest news?

Hi, Rico

There is some production delay due to the holiday season. The new batch of ROCK Pi 4B is being packaged now.

Thanks, but the original question was… How do we place an order?

You may want to restate your question so its clear what you are asking.
Everything you need is available at

I think it depends on what country you are in.

The China store does not ship to countries within Europe but at this time, it is the only store I have seen that sells the Rock Pi 4 at its stated retail pricing.

I think the question is whether there is a store other that ships to Europe that sells the Rock Pi 4 at the officially stated prices.

AFAIK the stated prices are in US $. If you live in another country you cant expect to pay in US $. As you know there are ridiculous taxes in some countries. The MFG / Reseller cannot sell you something and match another countries price while the country in question steals the consumers money when buying a product. Looking at the price includes a 20% tax markup. Radxa cannot help that.

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The VAT is not the issue.
The aforementioned German eshop is Not selling to all EU countries.
I live in Greece and that eshop does not ship here. I contacted them three times but they do not answer.
Allnetchina should be made aware of that.

China site is still out of the 4GB model. I just ordered a bunch of accessories from there (to US), hope the main boards will become available soon :slight_smile:

For anyone looking for Rock Pi please see this page:

I’ve actually ordered two from that site and they are not in stock. Also very unresponsive seller, no responses to email etc. I ordered them before christmas and just had one bulk email that they will delayed. I’m now a month past the promised date.

Yes, it is slightly problematic seller. No response before the package was sent. I’ll got tracking number for the parcel and I was waiting only one week for the board arrival. Surely can’t send boards when they are not produced and shipped yet. And seller should inform about that on the shop’s website.

So is there any progress on finding a way to get hold of one of these boards from a standard retailer. Only wholesalers seem to have it at the moment, and one or 2 German sites but selling at a premium price.

I would very much like to review the performance of one of these boards for inclusion in my SBC programming support site and 2nd edition of my book.

That’s not entirely true, after all the Raspberry Pi sells at at a mostly universal price of $35, sure some variations on taxes and VAT apply but the foundations stated price is the retail price worldwide mostly.

The problem here is that $39 is clearly only possible in China, it would be nice to see a more realistic global price stated so that people are not led into blind chases for a price that does not really exist.