Release Date for Rock Pi4B?


needs you to have an account, so must be another wholesaler.


Khem, RasPi 3b did not costed 35$ wordlwide on release, khem. And this board out only for 3 month. RasPi is how much? 3 year?


I did say “mostly” universal price, there are some small variations on local taxes but the Raspberry Foundation have worked hard to maintain a standard price and equivalence regardless of currency. $35 was the target price and they maintained that very well,

And yes its been out several years…the price hasn’t changed a great deal.

I’m not really knocking Radxa, but its very clear $39 is a China only price, it would be nice to see a more consistent price globally.


I still insist that 39$ isn’t China only, but more “only non-Europe”


Can you point me to any place outside china where it is $39?

Retail price?


If by this you mean - go outside and buy it in shop - no, i don’t know place like this.
I meant - you go to website and wait for delivery time


Well what website, outside of China, can you buy it for $39?


I do have access to this site from Russia


nice, but that is a Chinese site…its cool that they ship to Russian though, but they don’t ship to Europe.

anyway, its not really worth this much debate…They are working on their distribution and am sure will get the prices to the $39 target in time.


They ship to contry that non-EU to be precise as i said before