Raid5 creation failure

Hello everyone,

I tried to create, with the sata hat, a Raid5 with 3 hard drives of 1 TB. The process starts, but after few moments, it stops and at least two of the hard drives change name.

The hard drives before:

The command I used and the output during the process:

The output after stops:

And the name of the drive after it stops:

I can’t find no clue of what happened.

Thank you very much!

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I am experiencing the exact same issue and also wasn’t able to solve it.
I assume that there is a problem with the power consumption of the pi and hard drives.
This is probably just to much for the hat to handle.
I have also disabled the USB sleep of the raspberry pi. No change. Very disappointing

You might check out the thread: Quad SATA Hat Disconnects
and see if it, and the other threads mentioned might be relevant. The change in your drive letters, where sda/sdb/sdc become sdc/sdd/sde suggests a disconnect of at least one of the two controllers, through USB, and then the re-recognition of the controller, boosting the old drives which suddenly appeared to new drive letters.

It might be due to the use of UAS (USB Attached Storage), but you can look for some of the DMESG messages to see if UAS is mentioned. If you are using the SATA hat it is useful to ensure that you have a powerful type C fast charger (which is voltage/power agile) for the older hats with a type C. The newer quad hats use a 12V 3Amp supply with a coaxial plug, which should be more than enough power for up to 4 SATA drives.

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Hello oket,

My apologies at first for my delayed response.

You answer made me have a deeper look into the power settings and I have figured out that I made a mistake editing the boot.txt.

I have created two separate usb-storage setting for the controller and harddrive 8nstead putting both comma separated into one tag.

Thanks a lot for you help. Much appreciated. :+1:

If you can share the change you had wrong in the boot.txt

I think that it would be @Mike_Zimmermann with the text of the changes. I added this reply to get a reference to him so he would know that people could use the exact text.