Radxa Zero Ubuntu 20.04 won't boot with HDMI connnected

I installed the Ubuntu 20.04 image from official downloads. Once installed, I added the gnome display manager and installed the XFCE Gui.

I have been away from the Zero for a while and got back into it this week.

When I power it up, it fails to boot when the HDMI cable is connected to the device. No green light. If I disconnect the HDMI cable, the green light comes on after a few seconds and the boot process begins. I then plug in the HDMI and all is good.

Also noted that if the device suspends after being idle for a while…there is no getting back in. The device is locked and unresponsive to wireless mouse and bluetooth keyboard. I adjusted the power management settings to not suspend when idle. That issue is resolved…

The HDMI boot issue is still a problem. Any insights are appreciated…



What is your board version? Can you check the silkscreen on the board? I think this issue only happened in sample version hw and we fixed before MP.

Thanks for the reply.

Here is the version: Radxa Zero V1.51

Thank you.


After a few hours of surfing the topic, it looks as though there may be an issue with Ubuntu. There is a bug that has subsequently fixed in 21.04.

Has anyone done an in place upgrade to 21.04 or 22.04? Any issues?

You can check Armbian with Ubuntu 22.04:


I finally got around to installing Armbian 22.05. The issue persists. On reboot no problem. On a boot from power down, when HDMI is connected, no go. Unplug HDMI from the device, power up then all is good. HDMI is then connected and we are off and racing.

If anyone has any thoughts, they are appreciated.


Looking into this.

This is likely due to difference in ground level between your HDMI device and your board power supply. You can try using a different power supply, or ideally, use the USB port on your monitor/TV to eliminate this issue.

Argh#%!..another Doh! moment…

Switched from my Samsung 5V 3.0A UsbC to UsbC charger to my Motorola older 5V 3A Usb A to Usb C charger and all is good. Similarly, Usb 3 type A to USB C from the PC to the device worked as well.

Thanks, good catch.