Radxa Zero Ubuntu 20.04 won't boot with HDMI connnected

I installed the Ubuntu 20.04 image from official downloads. Once installed, I added the gnome display manager and installed the XFCE Gui.

I have been away from the Zero for a while and got back into it this week.

When I power it up, it fails to boot when the HDMI cable is connected to the device. No green light. If I disconnect the HDMI cable, the green light comes on after a few seconds and the boot process begins. I then plug in the HDMI and all is good.

Also noted that if the device suspends after being idle for a while…there is no getting back in. The device is locked and unresponsive to wireless mouse and bluetooth keyboard. I adjusted the power management settings to not suspend when idle. That issue is resolved…

The HDMI boot issue is still a problem. Any insights are appreciated…



What is your board version? Can you check the silkscreen on the board? I think this issue only happened in sample version hw and we fixed before MP.

Thanks for the reply.

Here is the version: Radxa Zero V1.51

Thank you.


After a few hours of surfing the topic, it looks as though there may be an issue with Ubuntu. There is a bug that has subsequently fixed in 21.04.

Has anyone done an in place upgrade to 21.04 or 22.04? Any issues?

You can check Armbian with Ubuntu 22.04: