Radxa 10" screen with Rock 4SE

Hello everyone!

I just bought 10" screen from radxa for my Rock 4SE and not sure what gone wrong. It is blank even with original debian distro. I had connected it with Radxa rspi to mipi v1 strip.!I will upload pictures and hope someone will know what I did wrong.

I’ve found all information neaded on radxa website when checked out 8HD wiki.

Just if someone will be same newbie as I am. Hope someone helps.

Hi, can you share with us which version of radxa build you installed, and was any modification necessary? And how’s your video playback experience in the radxa modified chromium? Do you find any difference in performance depending on using hdmi screen or the 8HD?

Hello. I bought 10HD screens. 3 of them and I got Rock 4SE and Rock 4C+. And I cannot give you any good experience. All boards work with HDMI and do not work with 10HD screens from Radxa. I do not know where problem comes from. Ans I do not want to say anything bad about Radxa as I am happy with those boards and all I neaded for my project was working on them better than on other boards ever.

I’ve opened another topic for 4C+ and there shown what I receiving in the end.

To resume all… With Rock 4SE overlay is missing in rsetup, on 4C+ 10HD screens do not work at all on the moment with all builds can be downloaded from Radxa repository ( latest builds) do not work.

Sorry if dissapointed you.