Question about Rock 5C/5C Lite order from Arace Tech

Hello. I ordered the Rock 5C Lite from Arace on March 28th, and it is written on the site that the shipping date was April 10th, then it was changed to April 15th. It has been 7 business days since April 15th and the order is still on “unfulfilled” status. I also wrote to their support 3 emails throughout the month since I made my order, and they have yet to return. From the posts on the forum I gathered that Arace is not a scam, so is there a problem with the production of the Rock 5C Lite boards? If someone from the Arace team can answer my questions that’d be perfect.

Arace sent me my Rock 5B 32 GB, to Germany, in February. They are legit.

Sorry for the bad experience, Arace is radxa official store, I will check the status of your order and give you a reply.

Hi Omer,
Sorry for the delay in shipping. The Radxa Rock 5C Lite takes a few days to be transported to our Hong Kong warehouse. It has now arrived and is ready to be inventoried and shelved. I will ship your order tomorrow.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Hi There, could you check order Order #ARA4914 too? I’m waiting for almost a month now… And I have ordered and payed on 8th april

I want to buy radxa 5c, but since you only send it via fedex, an extra payment of 50 dollars is added. Can you add a cheaper shipping method?

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ROCK 5C will be available from Radxa Official Aliexpress store soon. Stay tuned.

My order #ARA4457 was placed March 24, also still not shipped… Been waiting more than a month now.

Hello. My order (ARA4544) still hasn’t been shipped.

Ugh, TL;DR: don’t order on Arace.
5C and Lite are now available at Allnet, so it’s better to order there…


Too late, unfortunately.

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Thank you for your support and trust in our Radxa 5C Lite and Radxa 5C product. We are pleased to inform you that the first batch of Radxa 5C Lite is ready to ship.

However, we regret to inform you that due to some transportation and logistics issues, we are currently arranging the first batch of shipments for the Radxa 5C. We anticipate that your order will be scheduled for shipping starting from May 6th.

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Agreed, wont be making this mistake again. Arace claims 3-5 day shipping and shows things in stock but wont ship or reply back to customers emails.
I have been waiting for 2+ weeks for an order to ship and it has been silence from support. It isnt the 2+ weeks wait, it is the unknown timeline and uncertainty that the order will ever ship that then has to be communicated to my customers waiting on a completed project.

I think Im just going to do a charge back and order from Allnet even though shipping price was double.

Hi There, Thank you for the update! I’m looking forward to testing it!

Did they ship your order?

Hi @avaf,

yes, I have been notified that my order is on the way. (Currently Hong Kong handed over to airline)

Note: It looks like only the 8GB Model was sent. I have ordered 8 and 16gb version. Will update when I have it in my hands :slight_smile:

It’s good to hear it.

I would like to ask everyone to update the status of your order here.
Mine is April 18, 2024, status Unfulfilled (whatever that means, they had it in stock)

5C from ARace arrived today

Oh wow, the packaging is just SO wrong…
Why does it say “radxa Compute Module”, when it’s not CM5?
Why does it say “ROCKPI 5C”, when the product name is “ROCK 5C” (surely the box should be saying “Rock 5 / Model C”)?
@jack, are you seeing this?

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We apologize sincerely for the mistake in packaging design files that i provided, which led to production errors and subsequently affected the packaging of the products you received. We understand the inconvenience and concern this has caused. We value product quality and packaging highly for our customers and always strive to deliver the best. If you have any questions or require further information, please contact me.

The correct product name is Radxa ROCK 5C, which belongs to the Radxa Single Board Computer Family.

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