Quad SATA HAT - Support for 3.5" HDDs

Hello everyone.

I’m testing my new Quad SATA HAT right now and got a single 2.5" HDD working. However, when I connect a single 3.5" HDD via a 15 Pin SATA extension cord, it doesn’t start. I tested it with two different, known-to-be-good 3.5" HDDs, neither of which started or get shown in Ubuntu 22.04.

I’m actually planning to run 4x 3.5" HDDs using the HAT with SATA extension cords. Is this even doable? I provide the HAT with 100W of power.

Any advice?

What power adapter are you using? Take a picture of your HDD to check the power requirements?

I’m using this power adapter together with this power cable. It is plugged in the top most slot.

This is the HDD in question.

If you use a 12V 3.5 inch HDD, you should use a 12V DC power adapter. You can not power it from the USB C on the Raspberry Pi since the power of the HDD and Penta is from the GPIO, only 5V.

yes… I am with Jack…
Mou may better check for the power supply… 3.5" HDD must need to have 12V input in SATA power to start spinning…

Thanks for this hint. I’ll need to order a 12V power supply and report back if this solves my problem, once it arrives.

I got my new 12V power supply yesterday and tested it today. Everything works now.