QUAD SATA HAT Six HDD connect problem

Hi. have QUAD SATA HAT with 4 sata HDD (each 1Tb) and 1 USB HDD (1Tb)
When I connect to last usb port another USB HDD (1Tb):
system stop detect two HDD in web UI and I hear sounds from 6 USB HDD like it not enough power, disk clicking.
After I disconnect this (six, last one) USB HDD, and reboot device, everything works fine
May be it doesn’t support two USB HDD ?
Debian Buster

what power adapter are you using and how do you power the sata hat?

i use this one from allnet china

I think you connect USB HDD on the two USB 2.0 ports? Raspberry Pi 4 can not power USB HDD on the USB 2.0 ports.

I connect one usb HDD in USB port 2.0 and it works fine! As you can see here -it’s sda)