Quad sata hat kit

what hard drives are you using ?
was hoping to re-purpose some seagate backup externals but unfortunately they are too big i seen where it says up to 20 tb but in the size for the format of the hat i would only see 4 2 TB drives unless ssd. unfortunately don’t have the kind of money to throw 4+ tb ssd’s in the device for testing.

any chance another batch later on will allow for larger drives like the 15mm 2.5 drives…i mean even if its not the same size as the raspberry pi 4 would be nice to have 20 tb of hard drive storage in such a small package…and with some removable hot swap bays could definitely increase the price per kit but some would have a use case for it.

been tinkering with my kit since i got home and think the build quality is good but could use some re tapping of the threads after the paint i broke the threads off one of my small standoffs trying to get it threaded in.