Powering 3.5 drives traight from PSU

Hi I’d like to power 4 x 3.5 HDDs on the hat directly from the ATX PSU - which already has the required connectors, instead of going through the hat. I can still power the hat with the floppy connector of the PSU, but would like the HDD power to go straight from the PSU.

@setq is that possible?


You can do that, no problem.

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Hi @tgc

many thanks for your post, i like to use the same option: powering the HAT through the floppy connector of a ATX psu and also tested the same yesterday.

I am just not sure if the psu might be broken but how can i switch on the PI/Hat once connected or do i need to add a power switch in-between?

Do you might be able to post a picture how does it look on your configuration?

Thank you in advance,

The moment you apply power the HAT turns on.

For the disks to come alive it needs to be plugged in into a RasberryPi or RockPi as they pilot the usb to sata bridge chips.

Also it needs to be the hat that provides juice for the RPi not the other way around.