Power Supply for 100W?

I just wanted to make sure how much power can the Rock Pi 4 handle? From the wiki it says it can take 100W I imagine that is through the USB-C port? I don’t see a supported voltage/amp for 100W though (I think 20V/2A was the highest). So would a 20V/5A power supply work to power through USB-C?


To meet the higher power consumption of the electronic devices, USB PD is come up with up to 100w power delivery. We support that on ROCK Pi, with USB PD, we can support common USB PD adapter voltage 9V/12V/15V/20V to power the ROCK Pi. For example, you can just plug the 87W power adapter of recent generation Macbook Pro to ROCK Pi and not worrying damage the board.


Support USB Type C PD 2.0, 9V/2A, 12V/2A, 15V/2A, 20V/2A

If it can, how much power can the M.2 slot supply?

Prob have a read through this thread.

Seems the RockPi is fed via a NB679 buck which is 40watt max.
Which is approx up 18watt for the RK3399 then 22 for USB and the rest.
m.2 is 7watt max I think.

It might be more as confused if there are several bucks onboard or the spec changed as the PDF mentions both.
So it might be 40watt to the RK3399 and ancillaries and there are 2 more bucks for USB.

Also that is v1.3

USB-C PD for me is a bit mweh as the ‘non standard’ voltages just get stepped down via onboard bucks.
But any PSU can be used 5-20V but a few of us have a preference for 12v 5.5mm barrel transformers with a usb-c adapter as inline switches and splitters are easily sourced, plus having a 12v rail are all a bonus over what are relatively expensive usb-c pd wall adapters of no apparent advantage.

A bog standard ATX PSU can be used where a link from PS_ON to GND or switch can be added.

Generally they are of higher quality and efficiency for $ and also have all the peripheral connectors.

Or just go cheap and cheerful.

With a barrel to usb adapter.

With exception, that 12v Power Backs are almost non-existing and this as big as rockpi. And there alot of Power Banks with QuickCharge technology and almost every power adapter from phone support it.

Like I say

a few of us have a preference for 12v 5.5mm barrel transformers

I actually don’t like wall adaptors from all the previous problems of volt drop and relatively weak and problematic connector.
I also have no interest in phones, tablets or powerbanks (presuming you mean?) the £7.99 12v with 4 way splitter is like practically every laptop psu we have been using for over a decade and that it is the same size as the RockPi4 is of no consequence.
The rockpi4 for me is essentually a toy that I will be playing with, but the projects I will be playing with are not.
From NAS, Kiosk, and various peripheral outputs to motor control 12V is really important and that standard IEC mains leads are used so not to be a barrier in more professional locations and bench.
Same with FLEX ATX or cage but like I say the computer versions are often better quality for $

The question is what PSU to use with the RockPi4 not powerbanks, phones or tablets is one that if you already have a wall mount PD, you don’t need to be asking the question and absolutely no advantage that it can be used elsewhere when its needed to power my RockPi4.

I am a geek, hobbyist maker and not really interested in consumer devices with 12v I get a source of the three most important static voltages of 12V, 5V & 3.3V and a range of power connectors, adapters and splitters that are easily available and generally superior to USB.

There is absolutely no advantage for me to use a USB-C PD wall mount in fact it has disadvantages if you plan to do more than just power your RockPi4 to see if it works.

Then you can use another SBC. Because there alot SBC with barrels and only one with PD. Sounds logical, isn’t? PD is why RockPi is good for most of us. If you don’t need it or don’t like it - stop bitching about it.

You are just trolling Dante and your logic is slightly skewed, you do not buy a SBC for a PSU.
You buy a PSU for the SBC you want, that logic is plain enough.
I want a RockPi4 with m.2 4x Sata with 3.5" Hard drives all running from a singular power source and the RockPi4 is one of the very few that can.

No-one is bitching but some of us recommend with reasons other than ad hominem, childish replies.
If you have no other rationale then to tell others to do pointless things and troll, I suggest you just keep quiet.

People can read what has been said and there are reasons why 12v fixed rail voltage supplies have advantages and that information is available so they can choose wisely from various options without being told.

who said? One of my condition was ability to use it anywhere, without needs to plug it to 220v.

You do, if did not noticed. You are ignoring arguments from one side. You are only focused on what YOU need and think that if ppl needs something else they are or trolls or do not understand

Same goes to you. PD have 12v rail, unless you are buying some chinese PD source.

No I am purely demonstrating my needs which is one of many that need a convenient 12v.
Its likely you have some form of personality disorder as that is not bitching, its conversing in a forum about the product we have purchased and giving opinion and advice, nothing else.
What you do is very much bitching and basically just trolling as you can reply with alternative thought of your own opinion but yours contained none and was basically ad hominem.

PD does not have a 12v rail its has a dynamically negotiated vbus and 12v is no longer a normalised voltage offering in newer PDs V2/3.
Hence why I keep having to repeat and you will find most are Chinese source, excellent quality with branding for Western market.

Which you still can get from GPIO or via barrel-to-usb. Which is low cost. While usb-to-12v-barrel is…non existing? So you basically advertise function that limit users that need PD compatible device.

Read what you was answered in neighbor theme

Well everything is made in China (at least for now), but that not what I’m talking about

I will leave you to argue pointlessly with your self.

Best wishes.

Yes people will read and they can weigh what options they need.

Yes we can indeed. :worried: This is no way of conversating @stuartiannaylor. Please do not attack fellow forum members for having another opinion.

What you both say is valid. No need to argue. PD is great to have. I can power it with 5V power banks or with higher voltage.
12V is great when dealing with higher current. Now shake hands or each go stand in a corner.
Always be friendly on forums guys, the world is already such a dirty place. Greetings, NicoD

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Read the thread its not me who suddenly turn this into bitching and ad hominen comments.
Its the second time and there is no attack from me and that is plainly in the above.

Then you can use another SBC. Because there alot SBC with barrels and only one with PD. Sounds logical, isn’t? PD is why RockPi is good for most of us. If you don’t need it or don’t like it - stop bitching about it.

Totally unprovoked and if someone is going converse in such a manner they should expect such a response.
Until that point it was 100% just pure opinion and forum conversation and the response was extremely restrained.