Power button on SATA Top Hat

The fan and display work fine on the hat but the power button doesn’t seem to do anything.

Is there a config file somewhere? How do I get this to work?



You mean the button on the top-board?

Yes, the button on the top board

The button can be set to some function, but not to power key.

Please edit /etc/rockpi-sata.conf to configure it.

Okay thanks I will look at that. I thought that I had read it could be configured as a power button.

Can shut down, but can not start up.

The button function is realized by GPIO of Raspberry Pi, and GPIO is not available when the power is turned off.

So, can you set as follows:
click = slider
twice = switch
press = poweroff

Then holding the key will shut down the pi?

Yes, holding the key will shut down the pi.

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@setq maybe we should add this to the wiki:


There are comments in the /etc/rockpi-sata.conf file.