Pi5 Penta HAT | Boot from Sata Drive?

With the below board, is it possible to boot from one of the Sata Drives on the hat? I’ve seen a whole lot of NVMe hats/boot options, but I can’t get this working for a SATA drive installed on the Penta hat.

I’m assuming that the hat isn’t initialized/powered/recognized until the Pie fully runs through the boot sequence.

I saw some users making this work with a Pi4 and an older Radxa hat, by delaying the query for boot devices until the hat is spun up?

Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi all, any update… anyone can help…

Setup: Penta SATA HAT on Raspberry Pi 5, 2 HDD on sata & one SATA SSD on eSata
Trying to boot the Pi 5 from the eSata.

Pi is not booting from any other slot other than from the SD card/USB boot device.

It’d be a great improvement from booting from an SD card and using the hat only for storage.

It’s about the bootloader. the OS initalizes before it starts the pci bus. I heard there is some workarounds, but you have to adjust the boot table with a custom flash or something. I can get by without it.

But then in that case hows the pi able to boot from an NVMe SSD on a PCI hat?