Penta SATA Hat External LEDs


I’m setting up my Rock Pi with a Penta SATA hat inside a larger, custom case. It would be great if I could bring several “status” LEDs to the front panel of the case. Specifically, I’m looking for:

  1. Power “On”
  2. “any” drive activity
  3. “any” LAN (Ethernet) activity

Looked through all of the online docs & PDFs that I could find, as well as the topics posted here, but was unable to find an answer. Is this even possible? Easily possible? I couldn’t find any documentation on the ten pin cable that normally goes to the optional display. Any help / links would be very much appreciated!


Hi @bjamin
The ten pins connector is detailed here:

Hi @rreignier,

Thanks for the reply and the link.

Looking at that table, it doesn’t seem like that connector can help me? I would need a daughter PCB that turns the I2C data into individual LED outputs plus the code to drive the board? Again, if that’s even possible.

I’m really surprised no one else has chimed in with their solution to what seems like the #1 application for the Penta hat (running a mini file server). Guess I’m just used to my other (larger) hardware that offers visible LEDs for each drive & status indicators to keep an eye on other things.

Again, thank you for your reply.