openFyde (Chromium OS fork) for ROCK 5B


We have produced an openFyde release for the ROCK 5B device, if you are into Chromebooks, Chromium browsers or lightweight OS that offers a modern look and feel, you may want to check this out: openfyde[dot]io

The Github repo for ROCK 5B:

As the name “openFyde” suggests, it’s all open-sourced, all of our code is licensed under BSD-3 for your freedom and enjoyment.

What is openFyde?

In one line, it’s the open-source version of FydeOS

A longer description of openFyde: openFyde (always denotes as openFyde, with a first o in lowercase and F in capital letter) is an open-source initiative started by Fyde Innovations, the creator of FydeOS, with an aim to provide another approach to Chromium OS. With openFyde, you can have a more open and flexible Chromium OS. At Fyde Innovations we believe with more choices comes greater possibilities.

What can I do with openFyde?

Perhaps this video could provide some inspiration, but I do believe the potential is endless.


So, is the GPU driver normal?

Should make a great ChromiumOS as the RK3588 is very comparable to the that have a heavy bias for Chromebooks.

Crostini means it have Linux under the hood also.

Agreed, it’s very comparable to MTK Kompanio 1380, hopefully you will see a consumer-grade tablet device with RK3588 out on the market soon, so far I am very confident that once it does, it will offer a very similar experience but at a lower price point.

I will be making a few demo videos regarding Linux subsystem performance under RK3588 soon, stay tuned.

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