Open Media Vault - more than just Nas

Sort of having a love affair with OMV at the moment, don’t worry it will not take long for the I/O to end and the infatuation to stop.

Its an absolute superb little server base and has all the basics and much more all in one web interface.
I have used several in the past from Webmin, Zentyal and others and to be honest somehow always missed OMV because its firmly labelled as Nas.

The usual username:password rock:rock hostname rockpi4
Its vanilla Radxa build via there git hub build script with there base packages and apt already added.
network-manager service has been disabled and the return to /etc/network/interfaces.d/interfaces.
Started to get used to how OMV operates and the radxa image is getting more tailored to its needs.
On first boot sudo sh to set keyboard, timezone and locale

Armhf didn’t go well for me compared to arm64

So here is an updated omv-4.4-arm64.img.xz image!AocmAh35i26QiR-EAvY_MCIaT_eV

There has been a lot of talk of disks and USB drives so I seriously say take a look at the snapraid and unionfs plugins in OMV as for home/media services they are pretty much perfect to that environment.

I have been seriously impressed with the RK3399 capability for running multiple server services and you can get lost in the plethora of plugins in OMV.

If I end up giving it a spin tonight, I will make an effort to also reply in this thread haha :wink:

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Do as I am trying to spread the word its not only Nas its for anyone who wants a server of any kind.
Its just a super easy web interface where all the first stop needs are there right under your nose and because of the docker gui its near infinitely expandable.
Because it has the networking dhcp/dns server it can be everything in a box and its just a collection of server services with a very easy web gui.
Can be Nas could be anything really server wise.

I have walked past it on multiple times because I thought its just Nas and prob could of used it for very different purposes with better results than the solution I used.

Cool, sounds nifty :slight_smile:
7:20am here so will be a while before I can test but will give feedback once I do.


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Chillax and whenever I was dying to see those evo speeds as was extremely curious about gen 1.0/2.0.

There are a lot of options and choices with the above its scope is huge and prob will take a bit of time to digest.
I will give you a Manjaro update when it happens, as thinking at the moment its prob very much the best desktop offering and also has choice.

PS whilst you have all your server services running in the backgroud you can give yourself some eye candy up front.

Makes great use of a home server as extremely light and can act as a home HMI info point.

awesome :slight_smile:
And yes the manjaro distro is likely the best option for me so looking forward to that.

I think I might get a 2nd rock pi for test and play, while I have the 1st more stable and running desktop for me?
I have a dedicated rasberry pi to run openhab2 for controlling my aquaponics (work in progress) and I would like to keep that a stable dedicated device, just like I have the unRaid NAS be a seperate dedicated fileserver. (-ish, as it also runs a few virtual machines), so a 2nd rock for server play with docker might be nice :slight_smile:

haha yeah I think I saw a diy youtube using this project a while ago. Fun idea, but dont need to be looking at my self while trying to see my data LOL

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Seriously they are dead cool I was playing with a motion sensor so you can do your “priest” act of waving your hands whilst you control your home environment.

I spent ages with openCv and motion detection shame its not an rk3399pro with the AI NPU but that stuff is all so very interesting and extremely fun play and that was on a Pi3.

Aquaponics is extremely cool if you can get the balance right, but the sound of running water is cool alone but just needs a Magic mirror to finish the overall high technology sustainable solution :slight_smile:

Haha yes that is needed!

Actually bought 3 of these to play with, just have not had time yet.

Might be cool if he mirror did not show data unless it was me looking ? :slight_smile:

Oh you are going to be busy for a long time.

On the magic mirror I created abusive facial recognition, the nasty greeting of the morning kept me amused for a while :slight_smile:
It was too like being married so we got a divorce.

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ps forgot but just point your browser to the ip of your rock for the web console
user:password admin:openmediavault

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So quickly just spun up and updated the OMV :slight_smile:
I like that it is snappy and a very clean UI.
Functionality wise, it is the same as unRaid it seems (I have obviously not seen all yet) but very nice and in a small package :slight_smile: the rockpi is a nice combo/match for it and I can imagine a few solidstate drives could make it a powerful low powered and portable NAS/docker server for onsite development work. :slight_smile:
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I think its the rk3399 but that is what I thought it is snappy. I had a play where it was the DNS/DHCP firewall with fail2ban then using a raid10 partition for my docker images where I had nextcloud running.
Maybe because the last time I ran nextcloud like so it was on an quad core pentium but maybe it was a couple of years ago it used spindles.
Hopefully you tried a few docker apps to give a loading but yeah server wise the rk3399 copes quite admirably.

So far it was just stock setup and looking at options for initial impressions.
Need to run a few docker images to test it under load like you also point out.

But I like the idea of using omv for headless servers and have easy web GUI management and deployment :slight_smile:

Yeah they do themselves a disservice with the high Nas presentation.

Headless server web Gui that from my perspective is better than webmin, zentyal and quite a few others at times I have tried is a much better description.

As for the rk3399 I really am pleasantly surprised well this is coping with quite complex service arrangements.
I wish I had made an image of the my previous trial that failed with compiling LibreOffice online as really with everything I had it just purred guess its just my usual base was the Pi3 but it is a different league.

OMV is just extremely easy and simple to set up a huge array of services, I like easy & simple :slight_smile:

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Never tried these two, so i can’t really compare.
Always either stuck with CLI only or added something lightweight like openbox with VNC and then only had the server boot to login until ui was needed.

A lightweight web server running the management ui is the better choice for sure.

I have been using dropbox since beta days and have been quite happy, but might be time to get around storage limitations by running something like next cloud instead?
Running a dedicated rockpi with omv to also get away from 3rd party hosted services might be nice :slight_smile:

I would have a look at Nextcloud for that brilliant service for that and much more. I am slightly confused as Owncloud seemed to stall and nextcloud seemed to be the evolution via fork.

I am not sure about the state of play between the 2 they are practically the same and last time I spent any time was approx 4 years ago and Nextcloud then was the better option.
I did have glance and owncloud seems to of had some updates and maybe its not the same anymore but both are just type in the name in docker set the port/ip and go.

The webgui of OMV is running on NGINX so if you don’t like port numbers you can set up a fairly easy reverse proxy there.

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