One step forward

Hello Jack, i’m interested on getting a Rockpi X sample, how can i apply?

My objetive is evaluate its video conferencing capabilities using linux and google chrome (google meet), in order to allow low resources student’s to get remote classes in my country (Mexico) over the covid-19 confinement.

Thank you in advance

Ricardo Rodriguez


Ricardo, this is a fantastic idea!
Have you given any thought as to screens/camera source?
I think this not only would assist with the video conferencing aspect, but general computing as a whole for low resource students.

Any insight into when these boards will be generally available?

Is there any possibility of having an eDP connector? it would make it much easier to use in portable projects with displays. the z8350 does support eDP

Cool! Do you have any idea about a release date?

We definitely support such projects. Send me your address in PM.

Actually there is eDP, but we haven’t worked on it yet. We borrowed the eDP connector and pinout from the UP board :wink:

ROCK Pi X massive production is in progress. I assume it will be very soon :slight_smile:


So cool! Is there a way to pre order one?

Now that I have a sample, I was wondering how one would reset the bios if there is no cmos battery? I ask this because I seem to have already screwed my bios, and I don’t know what I can do to fix it.

Don’t know why the system doesn’t let me send a PM, i will send to radxa contact email, regards.

When is it going to be on the market?What is the price of this boafd?Hello, I am interested in receiving a sample,how to apply for a free trial?
And what advantages does Rock Pi X have over UP board Intel X86?

Since it is AMI bios, they have an utility program to update or maybe reflash the bios. You must have the soic8 clip and a usb ch341a programmer or similiar.

@jack It’s possible to flash another bios like coreboot?

We provide the tools to flash the BIOS. It’s online now:

coreboot is not ported to ROCK Pi X at the moment.

When is it going to be on the market?

We expect start massively shipping in 4 weeks.

What is the price of this board?

Model A: 1/2/4GB -> 39/49/65$
Model B: 1/2/4GB -> 49/59/75$

Hello, I am interested in receiving a sample,how to apply for a free trial?

Check my first post. Basically you should have a project ideas and people like it. Be creative :slight_smile:

And what advantages does Rock Pi X have over UP board Intel X86?

Check the price and spec, compare by yourself.


Is there anyway to just reset the NVRAM? Or at least prevent it from being read long enough to boot successfully and reset it? Otherwise this may become a recurring problem.

Also, are there any plans to formally support fwupd?

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The main difference should be the fpga onboard and emmc, Rock pi X doesn’t have this.But…Rock pi X is the most affordable, up board with 1gb 16 emmc is $99 whilst Rock pi X 1gb is $39, don’t no if the boards will come with emmc but certainly shouldn’t be that expensive :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m interested in paying for a sample. I’m developing a robotic telescope control computer. I’ve been working with the RockPi4C but there are many applications that would make controlling the telescope mount and its associated cameras and focusers easier on x86.

The work I’ve already done from a power distribution perspective with the RockPi4 would likely still be applicable as the power distribution board is mostly independent of the processor type.

Currently when we control telescopes there are many wires going from the telescope, cameras, focusers, guide cameras. These wires are troublesome as the telescope tracks across the sky. If I could move the computer to on-board the telescope mount then the hanging wire problem goes away.

Eager to hear how to get one of these boards in a 4GB RAM configuration.

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Got my sample tonight. Compiled a brand new, upstream 5.8.1 kernel for it. It just worked out of the box - got to love x86 software support… not doing that with ARM in most cases!

Power consumption is impressive. It is less than the Atomic Pi I believe based on my initial observations. Generally under 5W… not sure how low it’ll go once power gating USB and some other things.

It does NOT thermal throttle for CPU only workloads (if you are using as a headless server, it will hover around 80C at max). I have not tried GPU workloads yet.