Official heatsink for ROCK Pi 4


Hi community

Some users asked us how do we plan to deal with the heat dispatching. Here is what we’ve been working on, a dedicated heatsink for ROCK Pi 4.

Paste some glue at the CPU square.

Plug the eMMC module, ready to put the board on.

Mount the board on

The heatsink reserved the space for the M.2 extend board and eMMC module.

With the heatsink, the ROCK Pi 4 Antutu score is more than 10,000 :smile:



When the heatsink and/or M.2. extender board will be available?
Thank you!

Regards, Alex.


The heatsink and M.2 extender board will be on the market in about two weeks.


What is the price of the heatsink and the M2 extender board?


Heatsink with 7.99$ and M.2 extender board with 8.99$.


I have eMMC on board. Using the heatsink compound will get in the way of removing that eMMC. I do not want to keep cleaning and reapplying compound everytime I need removing the eMMC.

Any other effective options? Perhaps non-adhesive thermal pads for both RK3399 and 3R3 chips? What are their measurements?

Or any other easily removable options?


The gap in the middle is 1mm, which can be replaced by 3M heat-conducting adhesive paper


It’s awkward but I manage it with a super small screwdriver. Just enough to pry it off and then enough to push it down. It fiddly but I’ve got the hang of removing and reinstalling the EMMC without removing the heatsink.

It would be better if I can easily update the emmc module without removing it from the board).


Desperately need “easily update the emmc module without removing it from the board.”

It’s hard to find a 1mm heat-conductive adhesive tape.


My advice is to use emery wheel to remove a bit of this 1mm borders. That is enough to use normal thermal compound

Heatsink without paste

You can install to the eMMC via the USB OTG port

Install to eMMC via USB