NVMe for RockPi

Hi Guys.

Before run to the shop for a NVMe for my Rock Pi 4b i hear you guys out.
I can see from the Wiki that a couple of NVMe’s are not supported.

My use case is pure data storage, i will keep on booting from the eMMC card.
Do you know if the PNY CS3030 or Kingston A2000 will work when booting from the eMMC, find it hard to figure out from the forum posts ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @pbrondum,

I have seen multiple posts, that the Kingston A2000 works as a data storage with newer kernels, like 5.4. These kernels are currently found in Armbian buster, Slarm64, Manjaro ARM.

The PNY one is reported having errors while booting, dont know if it works as data. Can ask the people who posted about them. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hmmm looking to utilize the Ubuntu image, i guess 18.04 doesn’t have that new a kernel.

Regarding the PNY, would be great if you have a contact or two :slight_smile:



Wd black 256g works as both data storage and boot device.

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