[Not possible] SSD Boot from Quad sata Hat

Hello radxa community,

I’ve recently bought the Quad sata Pi hat, and I love it!
I’m only using 2 hard drives though, and I was thinking about installing and booting my pi off an ssd.

So I had 2 ideas:

  1. Try to use an ssd inside the Quad sata Pi hat, although I don’t know how this would affect speed.
  2. Remove the dual usb connector, and since I’m only using 2 hard drives I can work with only 1 usb 3.0 between the pi and sata hat, and use the other 3.0 port for my ssd. But here I don’t know which USB corresponds to which sata port:
    Top usb for sata1 && sata2, Bottom for sata3 && sata4?
    Top usb for sata1 && sata3, Bottom for sata2 && sata4?

Another question, if option 1 were to work, would it be better for speed to keep the hard drives on a single usb connection (eg. top usb - sata1 && 2) and keep the ssd on sata 3 or 4, or would there be another way?

Which option would you think is better?

Thank you.

Edit, I haven’t found out with sata ports correspond to which usb, but I know that it’s not possible to boot from and ssd thats on the sata hat.

Oh that’s a pity - When I reached out to the guys via twitter, they raised no concerns regarding USB booting. So I’ll probably be unable to use the HAT


The thing is the sata hat software gets initialized only after booting, therefore an ssd connected to the sata hat cannot be seen, because the system needs to boot first.