New Armbian images released for testing

Last weekend, Armbian released two sets of new RockPi 4 images.

One is based on Kernel 4.4, the other on 5.1. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page for the 5.1 version.

I tested both Armbian Stretch versions very briefly. I installed the full desktop from armbian-config. I didn’t dig deeper at all. Just wanted to see if my USB 3 disk is mounted on boot. Here are some very basic findings:

  • 2 TB disk on the lower USB 3 mounted on boot - this was not working with earlier images
  • HDMI Audio is not working
  • video playback of recorded HD TV *.ts was software-decoded (I guess, because CPU load went up over 60 %)
  • WIFI was not offered in the network settings

Please give it a try and provide feedback also in their forum.

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I try 4.4 kernel but hdd didn’t boot when restart.
Must plugged it again.
What kernel did u use?

Hi @W1NN, I tried the Debian Stretch images based on both kernel 4.4 and 5.1.
For both images the external disk was automatically mounted at boot time and shown as a desktop icon. You may want to follow USB 3.0 External Hard drive not mounting on boot for the USB 3 disk issue alone.

Thank It support BTRFS file system but it CPU load is very high compare to radxa armbian 4.4