New Android TV firmware released

Dear community,

We are very happy to announce that, we have updated the Android TV image version 181127_1704_fdb6bf1,

Features as below:

  • Based on Android 7.1.2
  • Works with HDMI/HP/Ethernet/USB/WIFI/BT
  • HDMI/HP sound simultaneously
  • Pre-install Google Play and Youtube
  • Installable on either eMMC module or micoSD card
  • Use GPT partitions so that you can always copy/backup your content of Android on PC

Download link:

How to install:

  1. Download and unzip the image
  2. If you use eMMC module, plug eMMC module to eMMC-to-microSD breakout board and plug it to sdcard reader, if you use microSD card, plug it directly to sdcard reader
  3. write the image to eMMC module or microSD card with Etcher
  4. Install the eMMC module or microSD card on ROCK Pi 4
  5. Power on and boot


The first time boot, android will do the erasing and reboot, the second boot will take some minutes to do the initialization. After that, you can start to use it. Have fun.

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hello I use the Rock Pi 4 model B 4gb RAM and 64gb emmc under this Android version is not a 4k maximum is 1920 * 1080 on the TV is displayed 4k
Under KODi only 1080p that is not good and under Android only 800 * 480 I think there are a few problems in both versions

Habe fun.

I am trying to run Amazon Prime Video on top of this Android TV OS on Rock Pi 4. However the app keep crashing / unable to play Videos due to DRM rights. It looks like DRM Library is missing on Rock Pi 4 running Android TV OS. Can you please suggest how to proceed with this issue?

We will look at this issue

About the KODi, try pre-installed RKMC, It will decode using rk3399 vpu.

About the 4K issue, I need to find a TV that can reproduce the issue.

Actually, I am trying to use Android TV OS on Rock Pi4 to run “Amazon Prime Video”. The Rock Pi is connected via HDMI to a Sony Bravia Television. The App in Google Play store says incompatible. Therefore, I downloaded a prebuilt image from third party site. The Prime Video App allows me to register the device on Amazon and I am able to watch trailers in High Quality. However, when I try to play the complete video stream, it fails to work. The app would either crash or state that it cannot play the video.
I even tried playing through a browser (Lightening / Chrome / Firefox). But even the browser fails to stream stating that the Widevine Library support is unavailable on the device. So it appears to be a common underlying issue related to DRM certificates.