LineageOS for Radxa Zero

Hello all

here is a test build of LineageOS 18.1 ATV for the Radxa Zero

currently only the models with emmc are supported (no sd card booting, a limitation of how we added support for it)
flashing is being done via the amlogic usb burning tool on windows (or the amlogic flash-tool on linux )

here is a video of the flashing an booting process

and here is the test image

without gapps:
sha256sum: 2832fed7b5454fe5ec934a7619932ba27df8add98a143354bc0a75c5c0ae1db3

with gapps:
sha256sum: 9f631f9dcdd68df1f2c99ed27a66c0480998b038938c19b9749664ed4ef86b62


Nice. Will test this later. I have a question though, is it possible to use the gpio using android based OS? Like i want to control peripherals using SPI.

My use case is to drive an lcd module with SPI and show desktop from there.

good question, i am not sure as i havent looked into that yet

afaik in the past android didnt like spi connected LCD’s, might have changed tho

Fantastic! Eager to test It.

Can you tell us if video support ( hardware decoding) is on-par with radxa’s stock android?

I would like to know if LineageOS is a better android system than preinstallated one. Something is missing?

Google Cast is possible? (It shows “android TV”)

Thanks in advance!

Also, play store is officialy installed?
I have had problems with other android roms with play store installed: A few paid apps i have been bought cannot be installed because it’s a custom rom and play store will let you install, but the app won’t run.

please provide image for SD

Android is not recommended running on SD card since the IO performance is not good.

Hi, thanks for the hard work on creating this image! I flashed it to one of my zeroes and it booted fine, but I’m stuck at the remote pairing screen, is there a way to skip it? I tried the back and home buttons through the F1 and F2 keys on the keyboard I have connected, but the animation just restarts. Any help on how to skip the pairing process for the remote?

What if you use Android remote app? Can you fool Radxa to conect your mobile instead physical remote? Just an idea…Capture%20_2021-10-26-21-24-14

Bypass remote setup by keeping left mouse button pressed in for about ten seconds

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Hi Jack. Can you do something about TeamViewer universal add-on, not being compatible with Radxa Zero?

TV Host, as well as Quicksupport… Can install, start session, view Android screen… But no interaction is possible.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t quite get it. What do you want to archive? Do you refer that, you want to install Teamviewer client and view remote desktop on the zero? Or view the zero desktop remotely?

Hi Jack. Thanks for your support.

I want viewing + remote control of the Radxa Zero (from another device). So far, i have only viewing. Because TeamViewer’s Universal Add-on seems not being compatible with Radxa’s Lineage Android TV…

If such compatibility could be achieved, It would be a nice functionality for Zero.

Thanks for the reply KVN. I tried this method but didn’t worked for me. What worked though was to pair my phone with the zero board, and that allowed me to fool it into thinking it was paired with a remote. After that, I was able to use the OS. So far the performance is great. I have a 55 inch Sony smart tv with android loaded on it, and this runs smoother. The only things I cannot get to work yet is the Chromecast function, and the Netflix app. I tried installing the 6.15 version from Android (not the android tv version), and it opens, but then I cannot scroll through the content, and if I exit the app, I cannot find it so I have to reinstall it every time I want to use it. Other than that I have not found other issues.

LineageOS ATV for Radxa Zero updated. Can you prepare turorial for lineageos image compile? Thanks.

i keep getting 0x10103003 USB transfer error. am I doing something wrong? everything shows correct but 6 seconds in shows the usb error. I’m in usb boot mode.

Hi, I want to install latest version (lineage-18.1-20211215-UNOFFICIAL-radxa0) of LineageOS but I could not found zip flashing method. Please explain more detailed. Thanks.

You can refer to this guide. It is deprecated because we at Radxa no longer provide our Android image in this format. However, LineageOS still uses this format.

Seems I failed to reply to you. In any case please read the comment above.

hello, will the new update be released?