JMS561 Firmware Upgrade?

Hello everyone. I’m getting a ton of issues with the quad board. UAS issues, RAID failing randomly. In the end, I thought I was able to build a NAS and this doesn’t have the needed reliability.

I’ve contacted JMicron directly and they told me the firmware was from 6 years ago… Also, they told me that I should contact the seller directly since they don’t provide firmware utilities to end-users. Radxa, I find this completely unacceptable. You’re selling boards that have tons of issues, you’re using old hardware and you don’t provide support for things like UAS!

I bought two of these boards. I’ve been plagued with problems and still cannot run anything with any degree of stability. Radxa should be ashamed of themselves.

Hardkernel’s infamous Cloudshell 2 also relies on JMS561 and they provide an updated firmware as well as an ARM binary for flashing in their wiki.

First: RAID on USB is stupid. Period.

Then: most probably you didn’t suffer from ‘UAS issues’ but something else that manifests itself in dmesg output containing strings starting with uas_. If you blacklist UAS then the issues remain the same, just the dmesg output reads different.