Is the Quad SATA Hat compatible with a Raspberry Pi 5 board? Also, would the outer case in the kit be compatible with 90 degree angle sata adapters?

I’m interested in building a media nas on Rpi5, and also interested in this kit.

Based on what I’ve been reading, it looks like the layout of the Rpi5 was kept similar to the Rpi4 to maximize compatibility with older peripherals, but I’m not sure about software compatibility. Would the quad sata hat work on the new platform?

Also, I’m interested in using three 5TB, 15mm, 2.5 in HDD with this housing. I’m looking at using four of these right angle adapters to offset the two outer drives to make this work.

I’m ready to drill a few new mounting holes on the drive brackets so everything sits right and mod the case a little for the I/O, but I noticed the outer case shrinks in on the sides so the I/O ports reach the Rpi board. Are those edges tight to the drives, or is there at least 7-10mm of space on each inner side to work with?

Edit: I realized the second half probably sounds confusing so, here’s a visUal of what I mean for mounting the drives.

└┐ | | ┍┘

I’d be buying and connecting 90 degree adapters to mount the 15mm drives like this.

Unfortunately, Quad SATA HAT is not compatible with Raspberry Pi 5, because Raspberry Pi 5 changes the location of the USB. The case also is not compatible with 90-degree angle stat adapters.

But Penta SATA HAT is compatible with Raspberry Pi 5, and we’re producing new PCIe cables to make them work together.

Are there any instructions for the penta hat for use with the raspberry pi 5? The notes on allnetchina mention needing a fan for the rock pi. I’m not sure how to proceed.

Edit: Also, is the MOLEX connector required with the Penta hat? I’m concerned about the fire risk that comes with MOLEX.

Molex is not required, but useful in some cases. You can use barrel jack if You would like :slight_smile:

Pi5 is quite new, penta sata kit was obviously designed for different boards including those with soc on the bottom with passive cooling, as well as for sone with soc in usual place and some fan. Probably pi5 active cooling will work great, its also compact.
For pi5 You need to wait for right cabe or adapter to be able to connect it to hat, probably @setq wants to design new ribbon cabe to connect hat directly to pi5. For now there are available first pi5 m.2 hats, the one for bottom should already work if penta sata cable is not too short, but You will need to spend about €45 for it, that is way too much.

So I need to wait for the cable to be released to use the penta hat? If I buy the penta hat and just plug it into the Rpi5, I’m gonna have a bad time?

Pi5 comes with non-standard pcie connector, this would not fit anything else than designed accessories (and there is not much of them at the moment). Having only pi5 and penta sata kit You will not be able to connect them physically until You have additional conversion board. Freshly started polish company pineberry just announced such thing, they take pre orders for those, this extension board is quite expensive compared to pi5 price. You will also get 1x pcie 2.0 officially (and 3.0 not officially), so at best it will work at 50% of penta sata hat speed. Also metal case is not designed for pi5 with new ports layout so forget about that one too.

For now the best option is to wait for suitable version. If radxa team is working on such thing You will probably get right metal case, optimised for active cooler and special ribbon cable that can connect to pi non standard connector.

On the radxa Penta SATA HAT site the Raspberry Pi 5 is listed under the supported devices.

But on allnetchina site the Raspberry Pi 5 is nowhere mentioned.
So how to make sure, that the Raspberry Pi 5 cable is included in the package?

Additionally to hardie’s question, does the rpi5 hat support 15mm drives or is it still specced for 12mm max? I’m still interested in running four 5tb drives with this.

U know were we can find the cable ? for the penta and the pi5 ?

@setq Are there any plans for creating a similar kit like the Quad SATA Hat (with top hat, oled display, case etc.) but for raspberry pi 5. I would be absolutely interested in something more elegant than this:


For reference this, but for RPI5:

Do you have a link for where to buy those sata data+power cables? I’m hellbent on building my media NAS on this hat, despite the looks.

I got feedback from the devs. They plan to have the new cable for the Raspberry Pi in about 3 weeks from now.


Any updates regarding that Raspberry Pi 5 cable?


Arace Tech posted on Twitter, that they have it available now:

I’ve been waiting for this.

But wait, is it only able to connect to the Pi 5 using the PCIe connector lane? Are the front USB 3.0 ports no longer an option? I was hoping to use the PCIe x1 for a NVME hat to boot off of instead. :sob:

Does this support boot from one of the sata ports in that case? Or does using this require using micro sd to boot? So many questions!

I also noticed that, but still that fpc is not available to buy spearately.
Except that probably whole set is customised for pi5 as it was for rock4, so it’s not that easy to upgrade from rcok4 to pi5 just by replacing that fpc cable.

Usb version also should work with pi5, but probably You want to get whole set with matching case and usb bridge. Also please notice that usb is just very problematic and not that stable like pcie or native sata. There are already hats with two pcie ports as well as pi5 fpc and nvme.

USB is bit problematic for system, check out it’s stability and then think if You really have to have system on that interface.

I know, but there’s only one, and using it for this precludes using it for anything else, like a nvme boot base board.

It seems like every accessory board maker is designing to only use that one pcie port on Rpi5, leaving anyone who wants to run more than one accessory board complete out of luck. I was hoping, quite desperately, that radxa would see that people might want the penta hat and an nvme boot drive and would continue to offer USB as a connection option as well.

can we get just flex cable for pi5 when somebody already have penta sata hat for rock4 board?
This could be also useful for those who brake their FPC and need a replacement.

We noticed this already, working on a standard cable package for different SBCs. It will be available from distributors soon.

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